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  • Yes, many of LUMI’s products carry the UL Certification Mark. UL is a global leader in safety certifications and the UL MARK is the most accepted Certification Mark in the United States.  

    LUMI is one of the few manufacturers that operate an in-house UL Witness Test Data Lab (see below for more information). This allows us to perform safety testing on-premises for designs that we are creating for the general market and for our OEM/ODM customers. Having the ability to pre-test provides our customer with the confidence in knowing the product being developed meets quality standards prior to applying for formal certification.

    Examples of models that carry the UL Mark include the following Series: LDA05-220/221/222/22A, LDA07-223L/443L, LED02, LP22, LPA17, ELF/ELT/EAT1, EAT2, LED-09, LPA20, LPA16, LPA17 , LPA19, LP22-44F/44T, LPA26 , LP27-44F/44T. 

  • In order to evaluate and certify products, UL and TUV use product samples in their test processes.  While both UL and TUV maintain their own extensive test facilities, a select number of their customers (such as LUMI) qualify to utilize their own in-house test facilities and equipment.  Through these Witness Test Data Programs product evaluation can be conducted at LUMI headquarters under the supervision of UL and TUV personnel.  LUMI’s standard laboratory has officially acquired UL and TUV lab certification and employs our internal test lab in the evaluation of products.  The laboratory, physical resources, equipment, personnel and procedures that LUMI adopts are equivalent to the processes and equipment used in UL and TUV’s own test laboratories.

  • Yes, many of LUMI’s products carry the TUV GS Certification Mark. Examples of models that carry the TUV GS Mark include the following Series: PF-4, LCD-101/102/103, LDA05, LDA03, LCD14, LCD15, LED02, PLB-33/34/40/41/42/43, LPA13, LPA17, ELF/ELT/EAT1, LDA01, EAT2, LED-09, LPA16, LPA19.

  • All of LUMI mounting solutions are VESA Compliant and carry the Official VESA Mounting Compliant Seal.  Being VESA compliant indicates that our mounts are engineered in accordance with the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) Standard also known as the Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) as developed by the VESA Organization. The VESA standard defines the dimensions of a display’s four-hole attachment interface and the screws used to fit those holes. It also dictates the placement of the hole pattern found on the back of the display. VESA standard hole pattern mounts have the exact hole patterns of the TV already built into them.  Common VESA standard hole patterns are as follows:

    The mounting holes in the back of a TV and the TV weight determines the exact mount that will fit a TV. LUMI suggests that the consumer determine the weight and mounting hole distance of their TV prior to selecting a suitable mount.


    VESA Hole Patterns

    Recommended TV Size

















  • All LUMI products carry a Limited Warranty against Manufacturing Defects in Materials and Workmanship. Please refer to the LUMI  Warranty for further information. 
  • Our dedicated sales team is ready to answer any question you have. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. Most often we can offer the same or an alternative product solution to meet your needs. 

  • If you cannot find the information you need on our website please contact us—and contacting us is easy!  If you don’t currently have a dedicated sales representative please email at info@lumi.cn.   

  • Absolutely! We have in-house design and engineering teams that can quickly take your idea from concept to completion. We have the expertise and resources you need to see the product development process through completion. Simply contact us with your custom requirements. 

  • All of our factories meet strict standards and are audited frequently. We own a complete audit profile that includes detailed information required by our customers to perform a factory audit. Our intent is to provide the most thorough, detailed information in order to enhance the confidence of our customers.  In addition, LUMI factories carry the necessary worldwide certifications that our customers require to sell products in each of their respective markets. 

  • T/T and L/C are the most common forms of payment. LUMI operates via an advanced ERP system. This allows factory production to rapidly occur as payments are efficiently and accurately processed.