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  • Yes. Lots of LUMI models get UL certifications; the most popular models with UL certification are as followed: LDA03 Series, LDA05-220/221/222/22A, LDA07-223L/443L, LED02 Series, LP22 Series, LPA17 Series, ELF/ELT/EAT1 Series, EAT2 Series, LED-09 Series, LPA20 Series, LPA16 Series, LPA17 Series, LPA19 Series, LP22-44F/44T, LPA26 Series, LP27-44F/44T, etc.
  • VESA standards indicate that the mounting holes must be in the exact same place on the back of a screen. VESA standard hole pattern mounts have the exact hole patterns of the TV already built into them. Common VESA standard hole patterns are as followed:

    Take VESA 200x100 as example, the distance between screwed holes in the back of the screen should be like as shown:

    Thanks to the VESA Standards, LUMI listed the recommended TV size based on a sufficient market research. However, as a matter of fact, only two aspects, which are mounting holes in the back of a TV and the TV weight that will determine the exact mount that a TV fit. Therefore, LUMI suggests that find out the weight and mounting hole distance of your TV before selecting a suitable mount.

    VESA Hole Patterns Recommended TV Size
    100x100 13″-27″
    200x100 13″-32″
    200x200 23″-42″
    400x200 32″-55″
    400x400 32″-55″
    600x400 37″-70″
    800x400 37″-70″
    800x600 37″-70″
  •  All LUMI products will offer lifelong guarantee.
  • Send pictures or drawings to our technical persons, we will give exactly the same products to you; If you don’t have the real product yet, just tell us your ideas and we will bring it into reality.
  • et contact with sales representatives or with technical persons directly.
  • Yes. LUMI has been involved in OEM/ODM projects since its foundation in the year of 2005. We can design and manufacture products or complete projects in accordance with your special requirements. Contact your sales representative for more information.
  • LUMI owns a complete audit profile that includes almost everything clients need for a factory audit. We aim to provide the most detailed audit to promote efficiency and also enhance the confidence of clients.
  • T/T and L/C are the most common payment terms. Since LUMI adopts the ERP system for working efficiency and accuracy, it is important to stick to the promised payment terms. Frequent delays of the payment or violates of the payment terms will block the order process in ERP System, thus production or shipments will be delayed.
  • Sales representatives are responsible for providing detailed pricing information; and what always worked is that larger orders, bigger discounts. 
  • The lead time for samples is within one week, and the lead time for the normal order is around 45 days for new order and 35 days for repeat order.
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