At LUMI we understand how competitive the mounting business is and how much time and effort it takes to build a brand while staying competitive in the market. We also understand that resources may not allow some of our customers to have the time to adequately develop their own branding strategy. 

Therefore, if you’re in the business of selling mounting products yet don’t want to develop your own brand we offer products under our house brand- Brateck. Brateck products offer a solution to companies that do not sell under their own brand. In addition, Brateck branded products normally offer lower MOQ’s—keeping the investment low and the quality high. Brateck items include those items found in the LUMI ergo, LUMI home and LUMI pro product lines. 

So whether you want to build your own brand identity or not, LUMI offers you more choices, better service, and a stronger hand to help your business grow. 

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