• Choosing a supplier these days is a difficult undertaking - and it becomes an even more complicated decision when Chinese companies circumvent their buyers to sell directly to the consumer (B2C).

  • LUMI remains one of the few Chinese companies that does not compete directly with their customers (B2B).

  • While other suppliers fund their B2C efforts with B2B customer dollars - LUMI re-invests &improves itself in order to become a better supplier. You won't find LUMI selling on Amazon, or anywhere else our customers are - and if you hear otherwise, it just isn’t so.


  • LUMI does not - and will not - compete with our customers in the B2C market. We are a business partner to those we serve. We offer the most professional marketing materials and the largest product selection anywhere. Providing our customers with the support they need to be leaders in the markets they serve.

  • Contact LUMI to find out how our “Easy Buy – Easy Sell” philosophy can help you start selling and making more TODAY.