Vertical Laptop Stand

Compatible with 12" MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro late 2016/MacBook Pro with Retina Displays

AR-9 is a deluxe laptop stand that firmly holds your MacBook while it isn't in use. Made out of quality aluminum, it seamlessly fits with the aesthetics of MacBooks. The three detachable silicone are compatible with 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Pro with Retina Displays, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro late 2016.

  • Aluminum Construction: provides a sleek, lighter, and elegant look
  • Slim and lightweight, durable for long time usage
Product Category: Laptop Stand
Rank: Premium
Material : Plastic,Aluminum
Surface Finish: Sand-blasted Aluminum Anodic Oxidation
Dimensions: 215x81x52.2mm (8.5"x3.2"x2.1")
Applicable Devices: Laptop
Suggested Screen Size : Silicon Type B: Fit for 12" MacBook Silicon Type C: Fit for 11"/13"MacBook Air, 13"/15" MacBook Pro with Retina ;Silicon Type D: Fit for 13"/15" MacBook Pro(Late 2016)
Height Range: 52.2mm (2.1")
Weight Capacity(per layer): 5kg (11lbs)
Instruction Manual Included: No

AR-9-Vertical Desktop Stand for MacBook