Foldable Tabletop Laptop Riser

Take it with you everywhere

We totally understand those people who always on business trips, use laptop at hotel, in the café all the time. Hunch over and over again cause uncomfortable posture, finally got a painful neck. Don’t worry, our PLW-01 Height Adjustable Tabletop Laptop Riser is the solution. PLW-01 elevates screen to eye-level, improves your posture, health, and comfort. Foldable & lightweight design makes it fold neatly into your bag, just carry it with you everywhere - on the plane, to the coffee shop, on road trips - and hope you'll find it a useful addition to your life. What’s more? there are 7 height settings for you to choose, extend fingers fits most laptops and firmly secure your previous laptop. Start enjoying a more ergonomic way by choosing LUMIergo!

  • Foldable Design: for space-saving
  • 7 Height Settings: for optimal viewing height
  • Width Adjustment: fits a variety of appliance/device sizes and shapes
  • Safety Ledge Stopper: prevents your devices from slipping
  • Non-skid Silicone Pads: protect work surface from scratches or scuffs
Product Category: Laptop Riser
Rank: Premium
Material : Plastic,Stainless Steel,Aluminum
Surface Finish: Paint Spraying
Color: Black
Dimensions: 236x207x26mm (9.3"x8.1"x1")
Applicable Devices: Laptop
Suggested Screen Size : 10"~15.6"
Height Range: 207~267mm (8.1"~10.5")
Shelf Quantity: 1
Weight Capacity(per layer): 5kg (11lbs)
Drawer: No
Castor: No
Cable Management: No
Patent: ZL201720312824.1
Accessory Kit Package: No
Instruction Manual Included: No

PLW-01 Height Adjustable Tabletop Laptop Riser


PLW-01 Foldable Tabletop Laptop Riser Overview Video