Single Pedestal Electric Sit-Stand Conference Desk Frame


S02-13D is a premium steel electric sit-stand conference desk frame solution that can improve the health of the users. It comes with easy electric height adjustment system and digital programmable LED memory panel which can store 3 memory presets for convenient use. It’s the perfect choice for conference, and negotiation meeting use. Besides, it also serves as a flexible coffee table after a long meeting!

Frequently Bought Together
  • Digital LED Memory Controller: for customizable settings
  • 3 Programmable Memory: presets save your desired height
  • Sit/Stand Time Reminder: for regular movement
  • Collision Avoidance System: safeguards against accidents and injuries
  • Motor(s) is(are) Thermal and Overload Protected: for safety and longevity
  • Switched Mode Power Supply: for energy and power efficiency
  • Cable Management: keeps everything organized
  • Three Stage Standard Column: offers more adjustability
Product Category: Electric Sit-Stand Desk
Rank: Premium
Material: Plastic,Steel
Dimensions: 490x490X620~1280mm (19.3"x19.3"X24.4"~50.4")
Frame Orientation: Rectangular
Tabletop Thickness: ≥18mm (≥0.71")
Suggest Tabletop Size: (500~600)x(500~600)mm ((19.7"~23.6")x(19.7"~23.6"))
Weight Capacity: 50kg (110lbs)
Height Range: 620~1280mm (24.4"~50.4")
Column Design: Standard Column
Column Segments: Three Stage Column
Column Size: 50x50、60x60、70x70mm
Leg Quantity: 1
Frame Color: Black,White,Grey
Adjustable Feet Pad: Yes
Motor Quantity: 1
Power Input: 100~240V
Max. Speed: 38mm/s
Controller Type: Button Control Panel
Time Reminder: Yes
Suggested Operating Temperature: -5℃~+40℃
IP Grade: IP20
Accessory Kit Package: Normal/Ziplock Polybag
Instruction Manual Included: Yes
Power Plug Included: Yes
Magnetic: Yes
Lithium Battery: No

S02-13D Series Single Pedestal Electric Sit-Stand Office Desk