New Option for Your Ergonomic Sit-Stand Workstation

According to the survey, the average person spends over 8 hours a day sitting (aka sedentary) at the workplace. It is associated with bad health outcomes and has been proved to increase the risk of physical and mental problems, such as back pain, eyesight decline, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, memory decline and even early death. Luckily, it has been shown that periodically make the circulation of sitting and standing can effectively improve poor working postures while improving health problems caused by it. In order to solve this problem, the ergonomic sit-stand workstation came out.

The sit-stand workstation is one of the fast-growing categories in the ergonomic furniture market which can help you combat the health risk and make it possible to affordably upgrade the existing desks. As a professional ergonomic products Chinese manufacturer, LUMI develops different types of workstations which are perfect for home, office and other working environments. We used to introduce various workstations in our previous blogs, and today we’d like to introduce the newest sit-stand workstation – DWS16-01.

The height adjustable standing desk DWS16-01 features the latest wood frame design makes it easy to use without installation, meanwhile allows you to change your working positions on the fly. The ultra-slim profile provides an ideal way for space saving and storage. While developing this flexible sit-stand workstation, we focus on keeping everyone healthy, so that we choose durable bench and coated MDF board to build this elegantly designed desk. Besides, safety locking mechanism in 8 different height levels offers steady and multi-optimal viewing height for various people. Furthermore, its portable and foldable design makes it easy for transport and movement, and is a good choice for multiple application like office, home and schools.

As a professional ergonomic product Chinese manufacturer, the ergonomic sit-stand workstations are not the only products we’ve been working on. Height adjustable standing desks, monitor arms and monitor risers are in the works. If you have any specific question or just want to get a quote for a great price, you just need contact our professional seller team freely.

Enjoy your life with LUMI.