Lumi at CES 2018: A Better Way to Work with the New Sit-Stand Solution

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Today sitting for too long has become a societal pattern that many of us have forsaken our legs. We sit in the morning commute. Sit to have our meals. Sit and watch TV. Above all, we spend most of our day sitting in front of an office desk.

If you’re reading this article right now, are you sitting down? How long have you been sitting?

However, plenty of medical research has demonstrated that sitting for long periods can contribute to a host of poor health outcomes. In fact, inactivity is nowadays described as "one of the  biggest" challenges in health. And according to the medical experts, five or more hours of sedentary sitting is the health equivalent of smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes.

This time at CES 2018, Lumi(Lumi Legend Corporation) came to the exhibition with its DWS14 Series Sit-Stand Workstation (click to learn more about the product details). As one of Lumi’s innovative mounting solutions that transform traditional offices into improved ergonomic workspaces, DWS14 Series provides a stable height adjustable work platform that realizes a combination of sitting, standing and moving in varied amount. To operate, simply press the handle found below the desktop surface to customize your viewing and work position.

Although the evidence is overwhelming that the combination of sitting and standing is a more natural and desirable experience for work and life, it is just how you are going to break up prolonged sitting and find ways to “get you back onto your legs” that is most challengeable. And for those who have already grown a chair-living working habit, the answer lies in this new adjustable height desk.

Now it’s your time to take a stand and embrace a smarter and healthier life style.