Simple but Powerful Ergonomic Product

As a modern office worker, we spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer, while improper workspace is proved has a direct relationship to many bad physical outcomes, including cervical spondylosis, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and even cancers. To reduce or avoid problems caused by prolonged sitting, the specialists suggested that we should set up a healthy and ergonomic workspace to keep us comfortable and injury-free while working.

There is many ergonomic office furniture on the market, compared to height adjustable standing desk or sit-stand desk converter, the monitor riser is more cost-effective. A monitor riser is a supportive stand for computer or laptop, which raises your monitor to the eye level to help minimize your neck and shoulder strain while at the desk. It can suit a variety of workspace, rather than replacing the existing desks. With the simple but powerful monitor riser, you can save the desktop space and make everything more organized.

As a professional ergonomic Chinese manufacturer, Lumi provides a variety of monitor risers to meet different market requirements. The elegancy series monitor riser with drawer is one of the newly launched products. Its high-quality steel riser elevates monitor to a healthy reading position while providing additional workspace and increased storage area for a clutter-free desktop, many of which are available for adding more USB and quick charging ports to your work surface. While, the glassy series provides an ideal tabletop monitor stand for neat workspace and help recognize the stuff on the desk at a glance. Besides, the deluxe series laptop stands featuring with the sleek aluminum surface are the perfect option for your fashion and decent workspace.

In addition to the products mentioned above, Lumi offers many other ergonomic products, including adjustable standing desk, sit-stand desk converter, monitor arm, etc. If you have any question about our products and how to set up an ergonomic workspace, please feel free to reach out to us at

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