An interview with Sissy Ye, Vice President of Business Development Team

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Sissy Ye is an outstanding business woman as one of the core management members of LUMI – a professional supplier and manufacturer of ergonomic home and office solutions and Pro-AV mounting solutions. Starting out as a business assistant, she has worked at LUMI for nearly 15 years. And after several years of efforts, she’s in the position of the vice president of Business Development Team now. In this interview, she shared her management idea and secrets for success.

Working at LUMI is very fulfilling to Sissy. She has always worked hard and learned a lot.  In 2010, after giving birth to a baby, she changed her working position from business manager to a new department - the Customer Service and Development. Because it was a totally new position, she needed to work on her own and had no one to rely on or ask for advice. It was a really hard time for her, but she tried her best to keep on doing since she thought that the orientation was clear and the change was also beneficial to the development of the whole company. And now this department has become the core business of the company.

From the view of her colleague, VP for Supply Chain Center Lindsey, Sissy is consistent and dedicated to her work, and sometimes, she’s like a superwoman. HR manager Jiatai described Sissy as a workaholic – “once she is on work, you can tell from her eye the focus and dedication.”  And what CEO Jeff appreciated her most is her sense of responsibility and hard work - she strived to any of her assigned works. 

 “The experience of job transfer is unforgettable to me, but I think it’s also a good opportunity to practice myself,” said Sissy. Since that time, she changed her way of thinking and working a lot. She set the main goals of the Business Development team as developing new markets and new customers while servicing existing customers. As her subordinates said, she respects and listens carefully to everyone, and she is not bossy at all. She believes the ancient Chinese proverb that gives a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. So, she prefers to act as a teacher or a trainer to help the group members grow by themselves.

As many people said that in order for a seed to grow, you need good soil, and for Sissy, LUMI is the best soil. Cheer for all the women who dedicated themselves to the workplace.

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