Ergonomics for Children: Put a Child’s Energy to Good Use

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In recent years, children’s health problems have become one of the most concerned issues. More and more pediatricians and physiotherapists are reporting that now back pain and other related problems in children is on the rise. The science of furniture ergonomics is normally applied to the adult body. However, adult work habits are developed throughout the childhood years.

Healthy habits including correct posture and increased movement can relieve stress on a developing child’s mind and body - improving their attention and learning ability. Conversely, if children are allowed to develop poor posture and sedentary habits, the potential for soreness, back pain, and lower attention spans may occur – even to the point of impacting their physical and mental ability and growth.

When sitting at the desk, the primary concern is for ergonomics sitting, which is the naturally appropriate position, one that is relaxed and therefore helps concentration while preventing postural damage, backache and headache.

Now, LUMI is following the concept and dedicated to provide ergonomic solutions for children to improve their healthy habit and minimize the damage from any incorrect posture. Children love to move. Instead of having children to adapt their desks and chairs, let the furniture adapt to them. Chair and desk must fit like shoes! With a wide range of adjustable height settings in both desk and chair, children adjust themselves easily just to the right fit. From preschool through high school, LUMI’s desk and chair grow and adjust to the child, providing a comfortable and forever habit-forming work experience.

We provide kids interactive workstations, sit-stand desks and swivel chairs that follow the ergonomic needs specific to growing children. Quality assured, details embellished and user experience improved, our products are always salable. Simply contact us with your custom requirement and a LUMI representative will contact you right away.