Monitor Stands/Risers: Things You Need to Know

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At the mention of Monitor Arms, what comes to mind? A product that helps someone reach the ideal viewing height while helping create a comfortable work environment? Do you think a Monitor Arm is simply an unwieldy and unfashionable device?  You may think these things, but there’s actually much more to Monitor Arms, and there’s no better time than NOW to check out the new designs and technology that can help your business grow in both sales and profits!

The global monitor arm market was valued at USD 1.3 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to register a revenue-based CAGR of 2.7% through 2027.  The demand for monitor arms continues to rise as many in the workforce have transitioned to a nearly permanent Work-From-Home (WFH) environment, leading many workers to upgrade their homes. work areas to a more functional and organized workspace.  The WFH trend continues to drive the demand for Monitor Arm solutions in the marketplace, representing a huge opportunity for resellers of CE and Office Products.

In order to simplify the desktop, LUMI has designed Monitor Arms that no longer convey a "heavy" appearance, our designs offer increased functionality with a more simple and elegant appearance. Because of the popularity of Minimalism, many interior design goals include keeping a simple appearance while maintaining functionality and performance. 

Industrial design that uses soft colors that represent today’s technology, such as sky grey or soft whites, combined with smooth surfaces and soft curves (such as cylinder design), the Monitor Arm reduces the feeling of “heaviness”, creating a feeling and sense of larger space.

An example of this unique combination is LUMI’s iF Design Award-winning LDT 49 Series.  Available in a variety of configurations the LDT 49 Monitor Arms are ideal for applications requiring frequent display adjustments, including financial analysis and creative work.

We’ve all experienced that feeling of Technology –it captures the mind’s curiosity about the unknown while creating a futuristic atmosphere, incorporating unexpected designs for striking visual effects.  Living space that has that “Tech Feel” can bring about a specific aesthetic advantage to any workplace. 

To bring about this Tech Feel the use of colorful lighting, frosted or glassy textures, sharp lines, are all used in the industrial design process to perfectly integrate to bring about a product fit for technology living space.  These elements play an important role in providing an immersive experience while working on creative work or E-sports moments!  LUMI’s LDT39 Spring Assisted Pro Gaming Monitor Arms offer Gamers that “Tech Feel” for an exciting gaming experience.

Many customers are tired of seeing conventional colors like black, white and gray in the office environment.  A little color goes a long way and can change the feeling of an entire living space!


LUMI’s LDT51 Armor Monitor Arms have been designed to add color and unique design elements that fight the mundane - providing a colorful and eye-pleasing selection for customers that want to express their individuality in the workspace.


The addition of color weakens that cold “steely feeling” associated with other Monitor Arms and breaks the boredom of conventional design. Your customers will find it a breath of fresh air to add some color to their work areas.

You may not be familiar with the term “Biophilic”.  Biophilic Design is focused on enabling a human connection to nature in products. The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people can have positive mental and physical effects, reducing stress and anxiety, and as the ThinkWood website says, can increase positive social interactions and improve corporate image while boosting bottom lines. 

LUMI’s STB-16 Eco Series Monitor Stands and  STB-14 White Birch Monitor Risers incorporate natural and reclaimed wood elements, including repurposed hardwood and birch that not only look beautiful but promote a relaxing and pleasant area to work from.

Obviously Monitor Stands and Arms are designed first for their functionality, they need to adapt to multi-monitor use and larger displays. Multi-monitor use increases productivity while in office settings provide a way to work more collaboratively. This has prompted increased demand for Monitor Arms that accommodate multiple monitors and oversized screens used in financial and creative work areas.  Most LUMI Monitor Arms Series has been designed to grow and adapt to these growing requirements.

Visit LUMI’s entire line of Monitor Arm Solutions today, and see how adding these models to your line can increase sales and profits for your business. Need more help?  Contact us today at for immediate help and information on how our Monitor Arms fit your customer’s needs.