Are You Looking for An Entry-Level Ergonomic Product?

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As a modern office worker, we spend more time sitting at computers than the older generation, no matter on or off work. On the average, people spend nearly half a day staring at monitors which will cause many physical problems. Evidence shows that sitting for a long time is independently associated with negative health outcomes and mortality. And statistics show that prolonged sitting can increase physical risks like low back pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer. For this reason, more and more company invest in the ergonomic workplace to improve the health of employees and working productivity. 

There are numerous ergonomic products available in the market, like standing desk, adjustable workstation, monitor arm, and monitor riser, etc. Among them, the monitor riser is an entry-level ergonomic product which has become quite popular in these days. People can easily raise the monitor height to the proper eye-level with a monitor riser. Compare to the other ergonomic office furniture, it is more economical, so that more people can afford. Although it is cheaper than others, it can still offer a variety of benefits. For instance, it can free your desktop space and reduce clutter by providing extra workspace and storage area. You can place your files, papers and even keyboard right under the monitor raiser after you finish using. Meanwhile, it is more portable than other ergonomic products that you can take it anywhere easily. Besides, it is easy to install and can fit almost all the monitors, so you don't need to check the VESA compatibility as choosing the monitor arm. 

As a professional supplier of ergonomic products, LUMI offers a variety of monitor riser with different features, such as height adjustable, extra data transfer, fast charging, sound input/output, etc. Different materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood are also available for option. We can also provide customized services. Feel free to contact us today!