Working without Desk — A New Working Style

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Have you ever thinking about changing to a new working style?

According to studies, most of the modern office workers spend over 8 hours a day on average sitting in front of their desks, staring at the monitors, and pour their full energy into the work. However, research has proved that prolonged sitting can seriously impact our health and lead to a number of health concerns, including muscle stiffness, obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and even cancer. It can be worse if we sit in a bad posture, and most of us sit like twisted pretzels. 

For this reason, many companies invest in the ergonomic office furniture as an office norm, for instance, adjustable standing desk, sit-stand workstation, and monitor mounts, etc. As a professional ergonomic products Chinese supplier, LUMI provides a variety of products which are perfect for home, office and other working environments, and now we'd like to introduce our new product - the wall mounted sit-stand workstation.

A wall mounted sit-stand workstation is perfect for the areas that don't have enough space or for the working environments where traditional desks are unavailable. Its integrated design combines a wall-mounted single or dual monitor arm with a foldable keyboard tray, and a wall-mounted CPU holder. With the easy-to-adjust height adjustment system, people can convert from sitting to standing quickly and smoothly to achieve more ergonomic benefits. The full-motion mechanism can tilt, swivel or rotate the screen to adapt to various working postures and for the most optimized viewing position. The thoughtful cable management design helps keep every cable organized, and the foldable keyboard tray can save your space when not be used. 

As a professional sit-stand workstation Chinese supplier, LUMI specializes in offering and manufacturing ergonomic sit-stand workstation come in different models which are available in tabletop, wall mounted and mobile ones. So, if you are interested in an adjustable sit-stand workstation, you can refer to here.

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