How to Satisfy Your Employees While Improving Productivity?

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A sedentary lifestyle has now become common in modern life. According to the research, the average office worker sits over 8 hours a day (aka sedentary) which can lead to many bad health outcomes and increase the risk of many physical and mental problems, such as eye strain, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, memory decline and even heart disease. But things have been changed, our DWS14 series, the superior gas spring standing desk converter, designed to provide a stable height adjustable work platform that incorporates the latest most advanced ergonomic features, is the perfect solution to those health problems. In fact, studies show that the use of ergonomic sit-stand products results in happier employees while improving overall productivity.

standing desk converter

The DWS14 series ergonomic standing desk converter equipped with a built-in gas spring mechanism that perfectly balances the weight, allowing for smooth and accurate adjustment from sitting to standing position. Available in a variety of work surface sizes and mounting configurations, including clamp-on or free-standing – each with the mission of helping put an end to the sedentary life. To operate, simply press the handle found below the desktop surface to adjust your viewing and working positions. Large solid base offers strong stability and ensures the durability at any time. Spacious worksurface and generous keyboard and mouse areas provide enough space for your laptop, monitor, office equipment, and supplies. It even includes a front slot for your mobile or tablet to keep everything within easy reach. An efficient cable management system keeps everything neat and organized.

As a professional ergonomic product Chinese manufacturer, the standing desk converters are not the only products we’ve been working on. Height adjustable standing desks, monitor arms and monitor risers are in the works. If you have any specific question or just want to get a quote for a great price, you just need to contact our professional sales team to start making business easier, life happier and healthier.