How to Choose a Suitable Bracket for OLED TV

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Compared with traditional LED Flat Panel TV, OLED TV is a television display technology based on the characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current. This layer of organic semiconductor is situated between two electrodes; typically, at least one of these electrodes is transparent. Due to its electroluminescent feature, OLED TV can have a much wider viewing angle as well as a much lower electronic consumption.

With the increasing applications of OLED technology among various TV manufacturers, OLED TV is turning popular now, and soon will become the new trend in the market. Due to the OLED, new TV screens are getting thinner and thinner.


In speaking of the appearance of OLED TV, it has a thin top but a thick bottom for its accessories and electronic components.Therefore, the VESA holes are correspondently moved downward. Commonly, there are 3 sizes of VESA for OLED TV: 400 mm×200 mm, 300 mm×200 mm, 200 mm×150 mm.


When choosing OLED TV brackets, here are three criteria to consider:

1.Invisible in Front

Neither arms nor cords are out-of-range of the TV screen after installation. The bracket shall be coordinate behind the OLED TV.

KMA28-443 Elegant Full-motion OLED/LED/LCD TV Wall Mount

2. Applicable VESA

Except specials, the VESA of brackets shall be in the following sizes: 400 mm×200 mm, 300 mm×200 mm, 200 mm×150 mm. 

KMA28-443 Elegant Full-motion OLED/LED/LCD TV Wall Mount

3. Much Stronger Weight Capacity

Due to the thick bottom design, the center of gravity of OLED TV is lower than normal TV sets. This required for a much stronger bracket for good lifting and operation.


As the top manufacturer for TV mounts, LUMI provides you a variety of professional brackets suit OLED TV.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

This bracket is easy to use and install, which is as easy as 1-2-3. In less than 5 minutes, you can have your TV mounted while your coffee is still hot. 

LP42-22DT Economy Heavy-Duty Tilt OLED/LED/LCD TV Wall Mount

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Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

This kind of TV bracket has a full-motion mechanism, making every seat a viewing sweet spot and offering maximum viewing flexibility. 

PA-924 Heavy-duty Full-motion OLED/LED/LCD TV Wall Mount

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Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount

With ultra-slim design, they are the perfect options for your workplace. Besides, the ultra Slim TV wall mounts fit shallow space installation, providing the closest distance to wall. 

LED-096 Ultra Slim Automatic Lock Mechanism OLED/LED/LCD TV Wall Mount

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Being the best means we never rest. We will continuously develop more brackets dedicated for OLED TV sets in order to meet the expanding needs of the market. Our new testing criteria will pay more attention to OLED TV sets with a lower center of gravity, as well as the functions and loading capacity of the brackets.

Enjoy simple, reliable and sustainable business with LUMI!