Why You Need These Ergonomic Products for Corner Workspace

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There is a recent rise in popularity of the ergonomic sit-stand desks in both home offices and corporations. As we all know that working for a long period of time in sedentary postures can lead to many negative outcomes in both the physical and mental sides. Therefore, getting more movement and creating an ergonomic workspace can play a decisive role in improving your health. But in a special workspace like corner desk or traditional cubicle, where the regular sit-stand desk can’t fit in, then some ergonomic office products with special configuration may be the perfect answer for your needs.

There are many choices for you to evolve an ergonomic corner workspace, like the L-shaped desk, height-adjustable desktop converter, monitor riser, and monitor arm. It allows moving between sitting and standing throughout the workday by using these ergonomic office products, so that can burn more calories, ease pain of the body associated with prolonged sitting, and boost working productivity. In addition, each of them also has different features and usage. Not sure which ergonomic office product is right for your office? let’s look at some of their pros and cons.





1). Easy to adjust desk height (most are electric control);

2). High weight capacity;

3). Custom desktop materials, sizes, and shapes (L-shape | 120°);

4). Large desktop surface;

5). Rock-solid stability;

6). Most have a timer to remind you to stand or sit;

7). Modern appearance;


1). Need to replace your existing desk;

2). Not an easy task for disposal and moving;

3). Need a large space to fit a new desk;

4). Maybe hard to assemble (it may take a long time to assemble if you are new to it);

5). Often is more expensive than the other solutions;



1). No need to replace your existing desk - can place on the top of your current desk, transforming your traditional desk into an ergonomic sit-stand desk; (primary benefit)

2). Easy to assemble;

3). Easier to move than the complete sit to stand desk;

4). Less expensive than the complete sit to stand desk;


1). The desktop surfaces are usually smaller than the complete sit to stand desks;

2). Not fit for the desk with little space;

3). Most have less weight capacity than full sit to stand desk, you need to figure out before buying



1). Easy to assemble;

2). Save space, perfect for small desktop space;

3). Low cost than the first two products;

4). No need to replace your current desk, or re-organize your office space;

5). Easy to take out and move;


1). Limited height adjustment option;

2). Limited weight capacity;

3). Smaller desktop surface;


1). Easy to assemble;

2). Save space;

3). More cost-effective;

4). No need to replace your current desk, or re-organize your office space;

5). Easy to raise your monitor height for viewing option;


1). Limited height adjustment option;

2). Limited weight capacity;

3). No height adjustment for the keyboard;



Ok, then you might have a general understanding of these ergonomic office products now.  But before buying these products, there are several things need to be considered, for example, the size of your office space, material and capacity of the desktop, product appearance, and installation, etc. If you still have problems in choosing these ergonomic products, please feel free to contact us, and our professional sales team will be here for you.