How to Choose A Good Gaming Desk

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CES has become one of the biggest launchpads for the most advanced gaming technology in recent years. There are loads of revolutionary gaming tech unveiled this year, including Samsung’s huge curved gaming monitor CRG9, Alienware’s new top-end gaming laptop Area 51M, Razer’s First Ever Gaming Monitor, HTC’s VR headset Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos. Among these innovative gaming devices, Thermaltake’s new gaming desk is very compelling. It is a large gaming desk that has height adjustable capability allowing users to adjust from sitting to standing flexibly.

Apart from the performance of gaming devices and peripherals, most professional gamers also care gaming desk a lot. Choosing a perfect gaming desk helps in making the full utilization of the battle station and can be a really big challenge, so here are some key points for you.


1.    Space

The desktop space is a thorny problem for most PC gamers. With one or more huge monitors, computer towers, keyboards, speakers and other peripherals sit on the desktop, it is easy to find yourself stuck for space. Therefore, considering the desktop space is crucial when choosing a gaming desk. We need to take individual needs like whether you have two monitors, how much external peripherals you have, where you want to mount computer towers, as well as the size of your gaming room into account before making an option.

2.    Material and shape

Gaming desk comes in different shapes, and there are a lot of materials on the market. Before buying the desk, consider the place where you plan to put the desk. If you plan to put the desk in the corner, the L-sharped desk is a perfect choice whereas if you use a laptop or have less space then you may consider a wall-mounted desk. As for the materials, take personal needs and preferences into account. If you prefer glass desktop, you can rule out the wood and steel ones.

3.    Weight capacity and cable management

Weight capacity is also a key consideration. If you plan to put a lot of heavy gaming gears on the desk, then you may need a sturdy full desk. Conversely, if you just want to put some lightweight items like laptop, iPad, or other peripherals like a mouse or keyboard, a desktop laptop riser is enough.

Besides, no one likes cluttered cables. Some of the gaming desks featuring cable management keep your gaming station clean and tidy, and avoid losing the game due to the messy wires.

4.    Ergonomics

Most of the gamers sit for a long period of time playing their favorite game, which leads to several health problems, such as sore shoulders, stiff cervical vertebra, and numb arms. An ergonomically designed desk allowing users changing from sitting to standing flexibly which ensures users to have correct and health postures while playing the game is a good choice.

5.    Budget

It also plays a role in the kind of gaming desk you can get. LUMI as a Chinese supplier and manufacturer of ergonomic home and office furniture provides our customer high quality with affordable price. If you have any other question about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.