National TV Safety Day – How to Prevent TV Tip-Overs

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The upcoming great event Super Bowl is one of the most watched show on TV in America every year. And it’s a perfect time to raise awareness of TV safety, which is easy to overlook as a part of home safety and baby proofing.

According to the Safe Kids Worldwide, citing data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ten children go to the ER each day due to a TV tip-over. In addition, 7 out of 10 kids injured by TV tip-overs are ages 5 and under. As a result, the Safe Kids Worldwide has designed Feb. 2nd the day before the Super Bowl as National TV Safety Day, which in order to raise awareness for this type of injury and accident for the family.


Protecting your kids from the potential risks of a TV tipping over is important. Check out the following tips to secure TV safety for your kids.

1.    Use TV Mounts and Brackets to Keep TV secure

Flat-panel TV is large and easy to tip over when improperly placed, especially when young children love to climb and try to reach it. Therefore, it is better to use a TV mount or TV bracket to secure stability and security. Aside from increasing security, most of the TV mounts featuring cable management, making cords and wires organized, as well as avoid trips and falls. Remember to figure out the weight capacity and VESA compatibility of the TV mount, making sure it fits your TV.  

2.    Place TV on TV Stands

A 36’’ heavier CRT TV falling 3’ creates the same momentum as a 1-year-old child falling 10 stories. If you have the box-style CRT TV which can’t be mounted on the wall, make sure to use an anti-tip bracket, or place the TV on a low, stable TV stand that is appropriate for your TV’s size and weight. What’s more, keep TVs as far back on the TV stand as possible so the kids can’t reach it.

3.    Other tips

Don’t put the items that child loves like cookies, snacks, and toys on the TV stand, so they aren’t tempted to climb up to reach. Additionally, store some heavier stuff on the bottom shelves or in the lower drawers to keep the TV stand stable. Moreover, don’t hang the rope-like ornaments around the TV, for your children might yank them and pull them down which leads to accidents and injuries.

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