Why should you stand up while playing games?

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For game lovers, one of their favorite things to do is playing games for a long session without a move. However, countless studies find out that sitting for long periods is harmful. 

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It has been proven that sedentary sitting can lead to increased risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other potential health risks. Moreover, we’ve heard much negative association with playing games for an extended time, especially with bad posture. It makes us lazy, overweight, and can get eye fatigue, back pain, neck strain, and shoulder stress.

To counteract these effects, apart from taking regular breaks, have you ever thought about playing when standing up. When standing up, the blood flow is increased to both brain and muscle, which helps avoid deterioration and makes you feel more involved in the game.

Since standing has many benefits, should we stand up all the time?

On the contrary, it is not good to stand up all day long as your spine is not designed to carry your weight all day. According to a study [1], Standing five hours a day can lead to significant lower-limb muscle fatigue, increase the risk of long-term back pain, and cases musculoskeletal disorders.

The best way to do is to convert between sitting and standing, and keep a balance.

While thanks to the height-adjustable desks, standing up to play has never been such with ease. With the sit-stand desk or sit-stand desk converter, you can easily adjust the height of monitors, keyboard, and mouse to achieve the ideal position whether sitting or standing. At first, you can try homemade, for example, put a pile of books under the monitor, or use box to raise keyboard and mouse height. Once you get used to standing and find that it suits you and useful, you can get yourself a whole set stand up desk or sit-stand desk converter. Although homemade is cheap, it isn’t much versatility and convenient while using.

LUMI’s manual height adjustable gaming desk N02-22D-GB is a good option. Its height can be adjusted from 29.5’’ to 48.8’’, ensuring your best position whether sitting or standing when playing games. By rolling the foldable handle, you can stop at any height you like. What’s more, the desk is fully compatible with LUMI’s monitor arms (desk mounts) – multiple screens are available. In addition to your health, it also cares about your gaming experience. The ultra-wide desk board provides enough space for your gaming devices, and the whole size mat customed for boundaryless mouse operations. Moreover, the curved edge gives you optimal ergonomic wrist and forearm positioning for superior in-game performance and comfort. This height-adjustable gaming desk allows you to have a more enjoyable experience than ever.

As a professional Chinese supplier and manufacturer, LUMI provides you with a full range of gaming products, including gaming desks, multi-screen monitor mounts, racing simulator cockpits and more! You can contact us if you have any question.

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