Why Choose LUMI?

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LUMI is China’s leading supplier of mounting and ergonomic solutions for the office, home and pro A/V markets. LUMI is strictly an OEM/ODM/B2B supplier - and one of the few manufacturers that do not compete with their customers. We build your brand not our own.  Our aim is to help customers sell, retain and grow their business by offering the industry’s largest product selection combined with the most comprehensive before and after-sales support. We give our customers the ability to focus more time and energy on what they do best -- selling products.

With an increasing staff of engineers, industrial designers and project managers, LUMI provides the OEM/ODM customer with the experience and expertise required to bring products to life and to market.  Unlike other manufacturers, we take pride in clearly communicating with our developmental partners the entire way.  This allows you to be a partner in the process - not a bystander, and more importantly, without surprises.  LUMI is also one of the few suppliers that maintain an in-house UL/TüV Certified Test Lab where we ensure products meet industry safety standards - resulting in the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Further, in today’s volatile legal environment, it’s imperative to reduce risk, and LUMI’s IP team works hand-in-hand with our product development area to reduce liability in the area of intellectual property and design.

LUMI’s manufacturing ability is second to none.  Highly skilled workers, in-house tool and die, advanced metal forming and stamping, allows LUMI to achieve a production capacity over 10 million units a year. Automation, including robotic welding and automatic powder coating, provides precision to the manufacturing process, resulting in proven consistent product quality.  Personal attention is given to every detail, from quality control to final assembling and packaging, reinforcing the ultimate goal of having products that provide the end-user with an exceptional experience when they open the box.

Factory of LUMI

With more than 2000 standard models including TV and desktop monitor mounts, sit-stand workstations, and ergonomic products,  LUMI offers customers one of the largest product selections from a single source.  We also provide logistics and shipping guidance that offers our customers efficient and affordable global transportation options so that products arrive in excellent condition and on time.
Our in house marketing ability is second to none, capable of assisting with your every need -including videos, catalogs, flyers and high-res photography - even lifestyle and macro-shots. You can count on LUMI for the professional marketing materials you need, down to the manual and packaging design. The LUMI website provides you with convenient access to locateand download the resources you need.  Best of all, our experienced marketing staff is ready to help you with any creative or customization you require.

We invite you to visit our headquarters and vast showroom in Ningbo, China – located conveniently near Shanghai and next to the world’s 4th largest shipping port.   We’re ready to assist you in making all the arrangements for a safe and pleasant trip to LUMI.
If you’ve not yet joined LUMI as a customer, with all we have to offer, why not give us a try?

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