Workplace Design Trends to Watch in 2020

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With 2019 going to be wrapping up, it is an ideal time to look for the latest workplace design trends in 2020 and beyond. As we know that people are one of the core assets of the company, and better workplace design results in a better overall performance of the employees. As such, the modern workplace is becoming increasingly employee-centric, providing a working environment where attracts talent, decreases absenteeism, and employees in which are productive and concentrated.

Without further ado, here we’ve compiled some office design trends to watch out for in 2020.

Workplace Trends in 2020

1. Natural elements and biophilic design

Plants are becoming more and more popular in office environments than ever before as which has plenty of positive benefits. Indoor plants such as pothos, cactus, and spider plants can absorb noise, reduce stress, purify the air, boost productivity and creativity.

In addition to plants, natural lighting is another vital attribution that workers want in their work environment. According to studies, better access to natural light can help facilitate happier employees, who are more energetic, more creative, better problem-solving, and productive. What’s more, office workers sit by windows are reported to have a better sleep that with 46 minutes longer at night on average compared with those who didn’t.

As humans, we thrive on nature and daylight, and it ‘s crucial to incorporate as much natural light as possible into the office design.  

2. Mobility and Flexibility

Recently, dynamic workspace becomes one of the evolving workplace design trends, which introduces an idea of multi-functional workspaces. It focuses on making the most out of valuable office facilities, allowing for the transformation of office environments to meet various needs and applications of the employees and business. It incorporates movable walls, lightweight and mobile furniture, and height-adjustable desks that can adapt to your real-time business needs.

3. Privacy

The open office concept is fast becoming one of the top modern office design trends, while employees still need a quiet place where they can concentrate on the important project without distraction. Therefore, workplace designers may add some movable dividers such as moveable green dividers, and desktop privacy panels to reduce interruptions and distractions from passersby.