How to Create A Comfortable and Practical Study Area for Kids

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School isn't the only place where kids can put their efforts and enthusiasms into the study. But if at home, studying in front of the TV won't be a good place to use. Providing your kids with a comfortable, quiet, well-lit workspace is an excellent way to help them focus on and have a productive and enjoyable time studying.

Here are some tips we can do to create a perfect study area at home for our children.

1. Find a good location

Before planning a workstation, make sure to find an area with plenty of light, and a quiet place to help them focus well. It can be their bedroom, study room, or another quiet place in the home. An area near a window that filled with natural light is good for the eyes, but the natural light can also be replaced of pendant light or desk lamp. Also, be sure space is big enough for placing the study desk, chair, bookshelf, and other study furniture.

2. Get a proper study desk and chair

Maintaining good posture is essential for children health, and the proper posture can be influenced by many factors, including an appropriate size and height desk. When choosing a suitable desk and chair, ensure that elbows of our children are at the same level as the desk when they are seated. Also, the chair should provide a backrest to support their lower back, and the thighs should be parallel to the floor with their feet touching the ground or supported by a footrest. Additionally, instead of constantly replacing desk and chair, consider getting a height-adjustable one to adapt to their growth period.

3. Keep it organized

Have you asked your kids to keep their stuff tidy after using? It will affect efficiency when the workspace is in a mess. So, consider adding some storage cabinets to the workspace, helping children in organizing books and stationery to reduce clutter. What's more, some children study desks from LUMI with bookshelf storage and compartmental drawers like the E201S, E504, E801-KP01, etc., provide plenty of room for storing items to keep a neat study area.

4. Get children involved

Asking children to be involved in the process of designing this study area, such as picking study furniture and decorating the wall. Because they will spend some time there, they may as well enjoy it as the workspace is based on their interests. If they are a big fan of the NBA, let them decorate the room with NBA related stuff, such as posters, pictures, or any other meaningful décors.

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