Behind the Scene

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As the leading supplier of mounting and ergonomic solutions for office in China, LUMI is not only professional in product research and development, also has an outstanding and integrated shooting team. Our shooting team is responsible for all kinds of video productions, including the instruction videos, features videos of products, and short films about LUMI’s enterprise culture.

For any video production, it’s necessary to have a highly co-operative teamwork spirit. The whole video production of LUMI’s video is well-organized by every member who participated in it. Our shooting team includes directors, producers, photographers, hosts, and staff for post-production. It’s worth mentioning that we also have animators for the instruction videos of products.

Recently, our shooting team has produced the series of Factory Tour videos which are about the stories behind products. Three of our classical products have been chosen as themes of videos, which are monitor arms, sit-stand desks, and TV wall mounts. These videos are not only talking about the products themselves; they also present professional and serious attitude of all members in LUMI.

Even though these are just a-few-minutes long short films, the working process took a much longer time because LUMI wants to bring the best visual effects to you. We treat the Factory Tour series as the formal film shooting. Max, the host of Factory Tour who could also be seen as the main character in these videos, helps you to know the story behind the products deeper that you will have a clearer understanding of LUMI’s production.

As you can see from behind-the-scenes pictures below, we’re fully equipped during the shooting, which brought the best image quality of the videos. It’s uneasy to place the equipment in the factory that the operation of production might be influenced. We’re always trying to bring the best things to our customers; therefore, even under this circumstance, we solved this issue out to emphasize some craft details of the product production that you can know more about how these products have been produced.

The Factory Tour series is produced during the remission of Coronavirus. The first important thing is guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees. Our video shooting work was processed while ensuring the safety of employees of the shooting team and industry workers. All of them are required to wear face coverings on though the temperature in the factory is high. They are not afraid of the tough conditions because of their rigorous attitude to works.  

The skilled technique, careful attitude, and well-coordinated teamwork are all the indispensable factors of LUMI. We are aimed to produce every video to the high standard. Besides, we’re delighted to help our customers to produce different kinds of products’ videos. Our customers only need to do a few things, which are, telling us about your requirements, providing your suggestions, waiting for the outcomes, and the last thing is trusting LUMI. LUMI is confident to satisfy clients’ needs, and we believe we will make it better than what you expected.