Always Keep Your Spine Healthy

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As more and more people spending time in front of their study or work desks, spinal health becomes an issue that we need to pay attention to it. World Spine Day is coordinated by the World Federation of Chiropractic on 16th October since 2012, which is committed to raising public’s awareness of spinal issues. Every year, themes of the World Spine Day are different. For the World Spine Day 2020, ‘Back on Track’ is the theme which inspired from the challenges during the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, that millions of people have to stay at home because of the lockdown, travel restriction. Lack of physical activity for a long period of time leads to spinal pain and any other spinal issues. Even when people working or studying at home, the long-time sitting in front of the desk caused our spines feel uncomfortable and painful. Moreover, people usually sit in an improper posture which influenced the spine health much more than simply sitting for a long-time but with correct posture.

The incorrect posture accompanied with growing up of people caused most of spinal issues, which means, it’s important to improve our spinal health no matter whether adults or children. Actually, it’s essential to correct the posture in childhood because most of the spinal issues can’t be healed completely if we don’t seriously deal with them. Hence, preventing the spinal issue from childhood is extremely important. As we know, numerous of families will educate children how to sit in a correct posture when reading, writing in front of the desk before they starting their first year at school. Teaching your children how to sit properly is a great way to improve their spinal health and prevent terrible symptoms in the future. In the meantime, it’s also necessary to prepare a well ergonomic kids’ desk and chair to help improving their posture.

LUMI has always committed to create the best ergonomic adjustable study chair and desk for kids. The adjustable function designed for our Elfin Series is for children in different ages, which could accompany a child’s growth as the requirements of chair and desk’s height will change. The functional adjustment also including an optimal adaptation to the current height. The desktop can be tilted up to 40° freely for writing, reading and drawing. Our products are designed to help children sitting in the correct posture with the extreme comfort, so that they won’t deem sitting properly will let them feel tired or unwell. If you have children who have already started learning at school or will go to school soon, you should pay attention on their postures whether they are sitting correctly or not, and an ergonomic study chair & desk set is the ideal tool to improve their postures.

As World Spine Day attempt to call upon more and more people aware of the spinal health, meanwhile, LUMI follows its pace to bring the better and better ergonomic products to improve our spinal health for both adults and children all along. The goal for us is preventing the spinal issues and protecting our spinal health for all age groups of human-being.