Golden Pin Design Award Awarded to LUMI’s Monitor Arms and TV Stand

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Established in 1981, Taiwan's Golden Pin Design Award is the most influential design award in the global market. The judging of the final selection for the 2021 Golden Pin Design Award was completed in mid-September. Outstandingly designed entries around the world were nominated for the Golden Pin Design Award and LUMI’s LDT54 Series, LDT50 Series, and FS12 Series became the finalists at the award ceremony.

The LDT54 Luminated Gaming Monitor Arm Series optimizes ergonomics during intense gaming. Featuring a futuristic design with a dynamic RGB lighting effect, the LDT54 Series exactly looks like the equipment which appears in science fiction scenarios. Our technical excellence allows for a smooth transition of the RGB backlight module from the upper arm to the lower arm. The skillful arrangement keeps the RGB breathing backlit all over the monitor arms to enhance the immersive gaming ambiance.

LUMI’s LDT50 Halo Spring-Assisted Monitor Arm Series, represents a milestone in industrial design, infusing aesthetic elements into advanced technology. The unique iconic ring-shaped aperture redefines conventional monitor arm structure - placing the LDT50 Series into the spotlight. The new Halo Spring-Assisted Arms is no longer simply monitor accessories, but tech gadgets for the home or office workplace.

The unique design that LUMI’s R&D team created in the FS12 Series Easel Studio TV Floor Stands makes them a popular choice in markets the world over, including South America, Japan, South Korea, Europe, the Middle East and more. The FS12 Series differ from standard TV floor stands by using the right combination materials in an innovative design – this includes the use of quality metal and traditional hardwood that fits beautifully into any décor.