ISE 2019: Professional AV Products Trends

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The annual Integrated System Europe (ISE) was ended on early February 2019. It was a great show, and the number of exhibitors in this year has set a new year-on-year record. For them, the ISE is a great opportunity to announce and demonstrate their latest pro AV products and innovations. And here are some of the big trends from ISE 2019.

High-Resolution Displays

The first trend of ISE is the giant high-resolution displays which were almost awash the whole event, such as Sony’s CrystalLED and Samsung’s QLED 8K Signage. 4K and 8K technology increase the possibilities of digitalization and improve customer experience. The whole industry seems are pursuing bigger screen and higher pixels, but is not so practical. Especially the 8K – have to say, it is lack of content now.

Intelligent and Interactive Digital Signage

Digital signage is a big and rapidly growing industry. It is the key to increase sales and catch audiences’ attention. In fact, its value stood at $19.6bn in 2016 and is expected to reach more than $32bn in 2032. One big trend of digital signage is the new interfaces with AI technology. The ability to analyze real-time customer data help retailers to profile consumer behavior and personal identification traits, providing the opportunity to optimize products and services.

Another big trend is the interactive digital signage which becomes more attainable to the end users. For example, Samsung Flip digital flipchart, a new-generation interactive display, and touch screen whiteboard, that provide customers higher engagement.

Immersive Technology

The physical business mixed with technology like VR, allowing users to have higher engagement and immersive experience. Museums and other creative installations are demanding far more from technology. Like Canon’s blended projection which offers users fully immersive experience and increases their interests in learning and exploring the museum.

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