LUMI New Product Catalog Release

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LUMI has released its 2019-2020 New Product Catalog with Ergonomic Home & Office Solutions. Available to be viewed online, and at the upcoming trade shows (the Canton Fair 2019 and Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2019), it features 168 pages of more than 350 products. Six product categories, including sit-stand desks, standing desk converters, monitor arms, monitor risers and stands, and other related accessories, that demonstrates the answers to ergonomics, productivity, health, and business.

new catalog release

What’s new in the latest release?

1. It features elaborate pictures, high-quality printing, bright and accurate colors that are available for customers to use at ease.

2. In addition to the primary contents list, there is an index on the last pages, which is convenient for customers to know our product line and help them find products quickly. Besides, the whole list is full of detailed and abundant products with precise specifications and selling points.

3. Similar accessories feature integrated selling points to avoid repeating content, making the layout concise and points clean.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of Ergonomic Home & Office Solutions, LUMI is always committed to providing customers with high-quality products possible but, more than that, LUMI strives to innovate, seek new technologies and solutions, identify improvements for customers’ needs of now and in the future.

Click here to download the new catalog today, we’d love to hear which new products are tops on your wish list, and if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us!