LUMI Awarded “AAA-level Customer” by SINOSURE Corporation

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On August 12th, 2021, LUMI was visited by representatives of SINOSURE (China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation).  Included in the visit was the Assistant General Manager - Shen Shuhuan, Business Division Two Director - Xu Zheng and Account Manager - Zheng Congyan. Accepting the recognition for LUMI included our Vice President of Comprehensive Management - Ye Yingyuan, Vice president of the Business Development Center - Jiang Didan and Assistant to the Vice President - Liu Jing.

Since 2011, LUMI has cooperated with SINOSURE, and during those 10 years, we have worked with them to successfully establish a comprehensive and complete risk management system that has provided growth for LUMI and the customers we serve. As we continue under this strong risk control system, we anticipate our business being able to maintain a mature, stable, healthy and strong position. 

Mr. Shen of SINOSURE began the conference by reviewing the benefits and processes of SINOSURE – this included an overview of limit approvals, fast claim settlements and additional value-added benefits that AAA-Level Customers enjoy in terms of credit insurance policies. Mr. Shen also affirmed the strength of LUMI and recognized the work we have done internally to improve our risk prevention and control.

During the conference, LUMI Vice President Ye thanked SINOSURE for its continued support of our corporate risk management and LUMI will continue to cooperate closely with SINOSURE to further improve our risk management level and to further develop our market capabilities.

After the recognition meeting, Vice President Ye gave a comprehensive tour of LUMI’s showroom, including an overview of our Ergonomic, Home, Gaming and Pro AV products that were on display.  In addition, Vice President Ye explained our market strategy and answered questions.  Mr. Shen said that SINOSURE is focused on providing more in-depth service to high quality customers in the future to further encourage the growth and development of qualified and professional Foreign Trade Enterprises.