The Self-Service Kiosk Market In Business Recovery

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The first quarter of 2021 has witnessed (thankfully) an economic recovery driven by both the re-opening of closed businesses and an increase in the opening of new businesses. Yelp data (see below) indicates that more than half a million new businesses opened in the U.S. during the last three months, hitting the highest level over the previous year – this includes over 18,000 new restaurants and food businesses.

Trend of new business opening in the U.S.

Facing intense competition, business owners are seeking new strategies to accommodate customers. As mentioned in a tech council post on, many businesses have come to realize that their customers “prefer self-service options over waiting” and expect a seamless experience as well as personalized service. Combine these desires with the reality that the pandemic has changed the way customers and sellers interact, with social distancing and barriers, businesses must look for more self-service solutions using digital devices. Ultimately, these solutions will become the best choice to meet this moment.

This article will discuss the trending use of self-service with a focus on using tablet kiosks. If you are already familiar with the topic, you can hop over to LUMI’s line of Anti-Theft Tablet Kiosks. There you’ll find a vast selection of all the features your customers are looking for.

Embracing the digital transformation

Tablet kiosk used at point of sale

In the era of big data digitalization, it is unstoppable in many industries. Tablet kiosks help businesses collect data and provide instant feedback from customers, which is extremely valuable to improve services to better meet customer needs. A 2019 worldwide study points out that nearly half of the retailers surveyed are planning to invest in emerging tech to improve in-store shopping experience. Thousands of companies (including big names like Exxon Mobile, Nikon, Disney and American Express) are using apps and self-service kiosks for customer surveys, visitor & employee management and other purposes. The wide-spread use of self-service apps opens the door for a large demand for tablet holders, including floor and table top mounts.

Customer preference of self-service

Finger pointing at the tablet kiosk

A self-kiosk is a win-win solution for both business and consumers: it improves business efficiency and productivity while offering convenience and personalized service to customers. A report from SOTI reveals that nearly three-quarters of respondents were in favor of self-service technologies, including self-checkin/out and self-ordering. This trend is supported by another survey that 85% of customers believe that self-checkout is faster than cashier-guided checkout. Therefore, be it any sector involving customers, self-service technology is a worthwhile investment to attract more customers while making a great impression.

What kind of tablet holder are these businesses looking for?

Tablet kiosk used in museum, library, trade show and bar

Choosing a high-quality enclosure for a commercial-use tablet is not easy. Here are some before-you-buy tips:

a) Security and Safety

Nothing is more important than security when it comes to devices used in public settings. LUMI’s product offering includes tablet holders that incorporate locking screws or key latches that are reliable enough to protect your customers’ devices from vandalism or theft. 

b) Compatibility 
Compatibility is a must-check item for any customer needing a tablet holder. LUMI offers solutions that are universally compatible with different brands and screen sizes. Check out the PAD21 Series for 7.9"-10.5" tablets now and the soon to be released PAD33 Series that are designed for 7"-11" tablets.

c) Durability 
For a tablet used in high-traffic areas, choosing a stand that is both long-lasting and reliable maximizes its function. LUMI offers a wide range of tablet holders constructed of high-quality steel and designed for a lifetime of use.

d) Mounting Options
LUMI provides three mounting solutions for various application scenarios: countertop stands, wall mounts and floor stands. 

e) Flexibility
A tablet holder that is not adjustable will hamper service quality and customer experience. From full front-to-back tilting to 360-degree rotation, LUMI’s tablet stands can always meet your clients’ needs.


As you can see, LUMI offers an entire line of commercial-grade mounting solutions for creating a welcoming guest experience. Yet, you can boost your sales and profits even more when you combine tablet holders with the additional need for cleanliness. In addition to tablet holders, LUMI offers sanitizing solution holders that can be used right alongside tablet kiosks – providing the end-user with a sanitized, confident, worry-free self-service experience. 

Sanitizer Dispenser + Tablet Mount
(for a germ-free environment)

White sanitizer dispenser stand and silver tablet mount for iPad

POS Mount + Tablet Stand
(for payment and order) 
Point of Sale mounts are also available at LUMI and can be used in combination with Tablet mounts

POS mount and universal tablet mount

TV Cart + Tablet Stand
(for advertising video displays and feedback collection)

Black TV cart and white tablet mount for iPad

Menu Board Mount + Tablet Stand

(for digital menu and self-service ordering kiosks)

menu board mount and universal tablet stand

The Final Word

As businesses recover and gravitate to using kiosk operated cutting-edge technology, there has been an increased demand for more reliable tablet holders and mounting solutions. Don’t miss out on this promising market - LUMI offers the largest selection of anti-theft tablet mounting solutions anywhere. 

Still don’t know which tablet stand or mount to choose from? Check out LUMI’s Quick Reference Guide to Anti-Theft Tablet Kiosks

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