LUMI Wins “the Most Technology Innovation Award”

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The Most Technology Innovation Award for 2020

On April 28th 2021, LUMI took part in the Economic Working Conference held by ShouNan Subdistrict located in Ningbo, China. As a professional supplier of mounting, ergonomic and pro-audio products with the ability to innovate and create solutions for customers around the world, LUMI has been recognized by winning “The Most Technology Innovation Award” for 2020.


More than 180 professionals attended the Conference, including all members of ShouNan Subdistrict, managers of relative government departments and leadership from key and major enterprises. During the Conference, the overall requirements, objectives, and measures for economic development were reviewed. Suggestions and ideas for the future development of enterprises were also presented during the meeting.

chairman of Lumi presenting

During the Conference, You Xiaodong, Chairman of Lumi Legend Group (LUMI) presented a review of the work and achievements of LUMI during the prior year. The year 2020 was eventful for LUMI, witnessed LUMI's continuous growth. In the year 2021, LUMI will continue to follow the core principle of “Customer First”, and being fully dedicated to satisfaction and success of every customer LUMI serves. LUMI is committed to becoming a well-respected, stable, reliable, and established enterprise that evolves and changes with the market and customers we serve.