Comprehensive Guide to Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace

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The positioning of our televisions has become a key component of interior design as technology continues to change our homes and the way we consume media. Installing a TV on top of a brick fireplace is a fascinating innovation that has become very popular. Not only does it add beauty to your living room, but it also enhances your viewing experience. In this article, we'll look at the compelling reasons to install your TV on top of a brick fireplace and take you through the step-by-step process of safely and securely mounting your TV above a brick fireplace.

The Mantel TV Mount: Stylish and Practical

The Mantel TV Mount: Stylish and Practical
To make your TV a visually attractive focal point in your living room, mantel TV mounts are designed to securely mount your TV over a fireplace. Here are some reasons to consider a mantel TV mount:

1. Aesthetic Appealing
The aesthetic appeal it adds to your living room is one of the main reasons for mounting your TV on a brick fireplace. The contrast between the modern TV and the earthy brick texture is aesthetically pleasing. It creates a distinctive focal point that immediately draws attention and makes your room feel inviting and attractive. Whether your fireplace is made of whitewashed brick or traditional red brick, pairing it with a sleek TV screen offers a pleasing fusion of traditional beauty and contemporary utility.

2. Optimizing Space
In smaller living areas, mounting your TV on a brick fireplace can be revolutionary. It frees up crucial floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a TV stand or cabinet. This space optimization allows for more flexible furniture arrangements, making your room feel bigger and more welcoming. Your area has a cleaner, tidier look without the presence of heavy TV furniture, which adds to its appeal.

3. Optimal Viewing Angle
For a relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience, it's important to choose the right viewing height. Mounting your TV on a brick fireplace typically places the screen at eye level when seated. This ergonomic advantage reduces neck strain and improves your comfort during long viewing sessions. With the TV positioned correctly, you and your guests can watch movies, shows and games without bending over or rearranging your chairs.

4. Enhanced Ambiance
A brick fireplace exudes coziness and warmth, making your home feel welcoming. Combined with a built-in TV, it becomes the ideal place for relaxing evenings, family gatherings or private conversations. The cozy atmosphere of the fireplace and the eye-catching visual appeal of the TV add a touch of elegance to your living space. Whether you're watching a high-definition film or a roaring fire, the atmosphere is sure to impress your guests.

Mounting your TV on top of a brick fireplace is a smart decision that will enhance the look and feel of your living space. It's an investment that not only improves the ambiance of your home, but also the way you watch television.

How to Mount a TV above Fireplace

How to Mount a TV above Fireplace
The characteristics of brick and the weight of modern televisions can make this project a little tricky. Below is a comprehensive guide to take you through every step of mounting your TV on a brick fireplace safely and securely.

1. Choosing a Right Mount

There are several important aspects to consider when buying a fireplace TV mount:

a. TV Size and Weight Capacity: check that the mount is suitable for the size and weight of your TV.

b. VESA Compatibility: check the VESA pattern on your TV (the configuration of the mounting holes on the back of your TV) to ensure it is compatible with the mount. This will ensure a secure fit.

c. Type of Mount: choose the type of mount that best suits your needs. There are fixed mounts, tilt mounts and full-motion mounts. Full-motion mounts allow the TV to tilt, swivel and extend.

d. Mantel Height: measure the height of the mantel. Use this measurement to calculate the correct mounting height for your TV to ensure that your TV is at eye level when you're sitting down.

e. Wall Type: consider the type of wall you will be mounting the TV on. Drywall, brick, concrete and wood all require different mounting hardware and methods. Make sure the bracket is appropriate for your wall type.

f. Cable Management: think about how you're going to organize the cables and wires that connect to your TV. Some mounts come with built-in cable management systems, while others may require additional cable management solutions.

2. Gathering Your Tools and Materials
To ensure a smooth installation process, it's important to gather all the equipment and materials you'll need before you start. The items you'll need are listed below:

a. TV mount and hardware

b. Measuring tool

c. Stud finder to locate wooden studs behind the brick (Optional)

d. Bubble level

e. Marking pen

f. Drill

g. Wrench

h. Screwdriver

Tools For Mounting a TV Bracket
3. Preparing Your Fireplace

Carefully clean the surface of your brick fireplace before you start installing. Use a wire brush to remove any dirt or loose mortar from the brick. Make sure that the area is clean and dry before drilling.

4. Choosing the Ideal Location
Determine the appropriate height for the TV. The center of the screen should be at eye level when sitting comfortably in your preferred viewing position. Also, you need to pay attention to the mantel width. Mounting height should be adjusted according to it. (The following picture takes LUMI’s LPA53M-461L motorized mantel TV mount as an example.) Use a bubble level to mark a straight line where you want to place the TV.
Choosing the Ideal Location for the TV

5. Drilling Holes
Use your drill to drilling holes. The type of anchor you are using will determine the size of the drill bit. Using the level line as a reference, mark where the holes for the wall bracket will be drilled. Drill carefully at first, making sure that you are drilling into the brick rather than the mortar. Apply even pressure to the drill and let it work. Wear a dust mask and safety goggles. Once the holes have been drilled, clear the area of dust and debris.

6. Installing the TV Bracket
Attach the wall bracket to the brick using the correct anchors. Follow the instructions for this step. The bracket should be fastened firmly to the wall using a hammer or socket wrench. Ensure that the bracket is firmly attached to the brick and that it is level.

7. Installing the TV
Align your TV with the wall bracket. Ask a friend to hold the TV while you attach it to the bracket. Most wall mounts use hooks that attach to the bracket. Check again that the TV is securely mounted and level. Follow the instructions that came with your wall mount for this step.

8. Cable Management
Now that your TV is installed, it is time to deal with the cables. You can run the cables through the wall to a media center or socket if you have the necessary skills and are comfortable with this level of DIY work. For safety, use the correct wall plates and conduit according to your local building code. You can also use the supplied cable clips to keep cables tidy. Choose a way based on your preferences and skill level. Make sure that the choice you make complies with security requirements.

9. Final Inspections
When mounting a TV on top of a brick fireplace, safety should always come first. Ensure that the correct anchors are used to secure the wall mount to the brick. Double-check that the TV is level and securely mounted. A wall mount shouldn't be overloaded with extra equipment, such as speakers or DVD players, as this can cause it to sag or become unstable. Check the TV and the bracket regularly to ensure that they are still securely attached.

We also provide an installation animation of the LPA53M-461 fireplace mantel TV mount for you to better understand the installation process.


Mounting a TV on a brick fireplace is a great way to enhance your home entertainment system and create a stylish focal point in your living room. However, it's important to approach this project with care, making sure that the TV is securely mounted and that all safety precautions are taken.

By following the step-by-step instructions in this article, you can successfully complete this do-it-yourself project. Enjoy the enhanced viewing experience your newly installed TV will bring to your home!