How to Mount a TV in the Corner?

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Mounting a TV in the corner or a room, normally called “dead space”, is a perfect choice when the room has limited wall space or you don’t want the TV to become so conspicuous and an interruption to the interior flow. Installing a corner TV wall mount can be a little tricky since corners have behind-wall structure that differs slightly from conventional flat walls. So, if your customers find themselves in trouble during an installation, LUMI is here to help you with our detailed instruction manuals and the step-by-step guides, you will have everything you need to sell and support your customers.

Corner TV Wall Mount

Know Your TV

What size? What is the VESA Pattern Size? How much does it weigh?

To find out the specifications of your TV – whether you already own it or plan on purchasing one, gathering information is the first steps you need to take before mounting. You can get the size, VESA pattern and weight from the TV’s packaging, the manual or simply Google the make and model number of the TV. Also, remember, the TV should weigh less than the mount’s weight capacity.

Choose a Wall Mount

What type should I purchase? Can a curved TV be mounted?

Now, time to begin your search for the perfect TV corner mount. When selecting a mount, make a note of the screen size, weight and the ideal viewing angle you want the TV to be positioned in. We recommended that a full-motion mount in the corner is really cool because with longer arms that extend from the mount, the larger sized TV can be mounted in the corner - when not being viewed, the TV can be pushed back into the corner for a clean room appearance. If you’re interested in a full motion TV wall mount for corner use that can be extend away from the wall, tilts to reduce sun glare and even fits curved screens, take a look at LUMI’s LPA63-446C Full-motion Corner TV Wall Mount (for 23’’~55’’ TVs) and LPA63-466C Full-Motion Corner TV Wall Mount (for 32’’~70’’ TVs) These models offer benefits you’re looking for.

Attach the TV

How to install the TV?

Once you have a TV and picked the TV mount, you’re ready to start the mounting process! We advice you to always read through the instruction manual that comes packaged with every LUMI TV mount (customizable). Follow the instuction manual and use the right tools and accessories to attach the mount to the TV VESA plate. Don’t forget to lay the TV face-down on a soft surface to protect the screen while mounting.

Planning Wall Placement

How high to mount a TV in the corner? How far the distance should be?

You don’t want to be straining your neck to watch your favorite programs, so when selecting the best location to mount the TV, keep the height of the TV as close to eye-level as possible. After you’ve found the perfect height for your viewing level, also remember to make sure to check the distance is not too far or too near a distance from the corner. You also want to make sure the TV doesn’t come too close to the primary viewing area if it is pulled out, especially when using a full-motion mount.

Attach the TV Mount to the Wall

Can a corner TV mount be mounted on the stud wall? How?

A full-motion corner TV wall mount can be mounted on either a brick or stud wall. The most important step of mounting to studs is locating the studs behind the wall prior to drilling into the wall and mounting the TV. Typically the studs are spaced sixteen inches apart and it’s always best to use an economical stud finder available at most any local hardware store to help you find the studs. Once you have located the studs. Most importantly, for safety, check to ensure there are no pipes or hidden wires in the space and area you plan on mounting the TV. Once you’ve verified it’s safe and you’ve determined the stud locations, you can now mark the hole locations to drill the installation holes —and always make sure you wear proper safety glasses and gloves for protection.

Cable Management and Storage Accessories

Most TV mounts, including full-motion TV wall mounts, include cable clips or cable covers for routing and managing wire and cable. However, if you’re wondering if there are any accessories and components that can help with cable management and storage items, the answer is definitely yes! LUMI offers cable management accessories and storage shelves that mount directly below your TV that combine your TV wall mount with shelves. Finally, if you’re looking for a reliable storage and organizer supplier, Sollent - one of LUMI’s group members, is a perfect choice for you to consider.

Click the installation video to see the complete process of mounting a corner TV wall mount. If you want to customize LUMI installation videos with your own brand, contact us and let our marketing team help!

As the leading TV mounting solution manufacturer in China, LUMI provides a wide range of full-motion TV wall mounts that you can utilize in most any corner space. And if you don’t want to bother doing a wall installation, take a look at LUMI’s Artistic Corner TV Stand for easier assembly and aesthetic improvement.

Corner TV Stand