LUMI's FS38-11TW Mobile Display Floor Stand wins 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award!

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LUMI is delighted to announce that its FS38-11TW Mobile Mechanical Spring Display Floor Stand has been honored with the esteemed 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award. This recognition highlights the exceptional design and innovation encapsulated in the FS38-11TW, catering to the increasing demand for flexible device solutions in both home and office environments.

In a world where the adaptability of devices is becoming increasingly crucial, the FS38-11TW takes center stage by offering a versatile solution for users seeking mobility without compromising functionality. Get rid of fixed placements and embrace a monitor that can seamlessly transition from your study room to the living room and even your bedroom. This mobile display floor stand is equipped with five smooth casters, ensuring hassle-free movement and positioning.

The FS38-11TW is designed to enhance your viewing experience, whether you're indulging in entertainment or focusing on work. With features like rotation, tilt, and height adjustment, you can customize the positioning of your monitor to achieve the optimal viewing angle. This floor stand is the perfect companion for smart monitors from leading brands such as SAMSUNG and LG, as well as other displays within the 35" range.

Life is all about flexibility, and the FS38-11TW embodies this philosophy. The ability to move your monitor effortlessly from one room to another adds a new dimension to your lifestyle. Embrace the freedom to create dynamic workspaces or enjoy your favorite content from different corners of your home. The FS38-11TW opens up possibilities in the realm of flexibility, making it a must-have for those who value adaptability in their daily lives.

The 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award is a testament to LUMI's dedication to crafting products that seamlessly blend form and function. As technology evolves, LUMI continues to be at the forefront, providing innovative solutions that enhance the way you work and live. The FS38-11TW is not just a floor stand; it's a gateway to a new era of dynamic and flexible living.

Experience the future of monitor mobility with the FS38-11TW Mobile Mechanical Spring Display Floor Stand. LUMI remains committed to delivering cutting-edge ergonomic solutions that redefine the way you interact with your devices, ensuring that your daily experiences are marked by convenience, style, and innovation.