Lighter but Still Maintains Stability – DWS 22 Series Sit-Stand Desktop Converter

If you’re one of the modern office workers who keep sitting in front of the monitors throughout the day, you are probably suffering from the painful back with stiff shoulder and neck. Comparing to sitting, standing can be another option, but again prolonged standing can have negative effects on your body too. For this reason, the best choice is to find the balance between sitting and standing, that is to say, to create a more active working style. This can be easily achieved by LUMI’s DWS22 series adjustable standing desk converters, which is lighter but still maintains stability.

Our DWS22 series adjustable sit-stand desktop converter each features with a spacious desktop surface and a keyboard tray. With the squeeze handle backed by gas spring lifting mechanism, it offers the maximum adjusting distance of 500mm (19.7’’) for easy and smooth vertical lift. So, you can quickly adjust to the proper heights which fit you the best while improving your working productivity. Moreover, Innovative X-shape frame ensures the stability, and the maximum loading weight capacity of 33lbs. Besides, the preset hole supports grommet installation (most LUMI monitor arms) and the embedded groove holds most tablets and phones. Also, integrated cable management tidies up the mess cables, keeping every stuff on the desktop organized. Compared with adjustable standing desk, sit-stand workstation is more cost-effective, and no need to replace the existing desks. Furthermore, the modern design complements office décor, is the necessary ergonomic products for the modern office.

As the top manufacturer for adjustable standing desks, sit-stand workstations, monitor arms, monitor risers, and etc., LUMI offers a variety of ergonomic products to meet different market requirements. Being the best means you never rest. To provide more professional services, we have an in-house UL and TUV witness test laboratory, allowing us to give our customers the quality and competitive edge they need in today’s market. Strict product standard guarantees the performance life and safety of our products. In addition, our marketing support, product development and customer service teams are here to provide you extraordinary trading experience. We love to hear from you, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us today!