6 Easily Overlooked Gaming Setup Accessories

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As an avid PC gamer, you’re probably devoted to purchasing the gaming gears to support your hobby - graphics cards, monitors, mechanical keyboard and mouse, but you may overlook some additional stuff which can take your gaming experience to a new level. Keep reading to find out what accessories you should keep handy for building your battle station like a pro.

1. Monitor Arm

A monitor arm offers you the flexibility and comfort in the gaming experience. By adding the monitor arm to your gaming station, the monitor height can be easily adjusted to the ergonomic eye level and avoid hunching over when playing games.

LUMI’s monitor arms are sturdy, highly adjustable and easy to install. We’ve got the monitor arms for single, dual, triple and even quad monitors. In addition, there are two types of installation option – desk clamp and grommet, both are easy to install.  

2. Gaming Desk

With the amount of time you sit at desk playing games, you need to upgrade the basic gaming setup – the gaming desk.

LUMI’s adjustable gaming desk with large desk space especially cares to the gamer’s needs. When comes to gaming desk, space is always the king. Large desk space means enough room for your peripherals, extra PC or laptop. Monitors, or other gaming devices. In addition, LUMI’s gaming desk cares more about your health – 29.5’’ to 48.8’’ height adjustment allows you to either sit or stand while playing games. The curved edge gives optimal ergonomic wrist and forearm positioning for superior in-game performance and comfort. Finally, the concealed cable management system keeps your cluster away.

3. Gaming Chair

When thinking about a gaming station setup, the gaming chair is often overlooked. Frankly speaking, if you sit at your desk for a long period of time, it is well worth investing in a sturdy and comfortable chair to help maintain good posture and avoid hunchback.

LUMI has two types of materials for you to choose from – mesh and leather. The breathable mesh and premium leather gaming chairs both featuring with height adjustment, 360° swivel, and tilt control, offer an extra-tall back so you can recline at and still have the full support of your back, neck, and head.

4. Cable Management

If you want your battle station looks clean and organized, you may need to make sure your cabling is on point. With LUMI’s cable trays, you can keep all the wires to be more organized. It can prevent your children, kitties, and puppies from accidental tripping over, or pulling your gaming devices to the floor. Moreover, the tray can be easily attached to the sit-stand desks, allowing for desk movement while preventing damage to cabling.

5. CPU Mount

A CPU mount is very useful in building up your gaming station. It can conveniently mount your CPU underneath the desktop, save desktop space and protect the PC case from getting kicked or bumped. It reduces the dust and makes your gaming station to be more organized. In addition, most of LUMI’s CUP holders feature with a 360° swivel so that you can easily access the cables and ports on the back of the computer tower. Moreover, the heavy-duty design allows it to hold up to 66lbs (most are 22lbs), securing the safety of your CPU.

6. Headset holder

Gaming headsets have rapidly changed over the past few years, and the headset holders have finally started to come out in today’s gaming markets. It’s easy to overlook to purchase a headset stand, so that to leave your headphone on the desk, or on the top of your PC case, or even worse on the floor, and may lead to easy damaged.

A headset holder can provide convenience in keeping your headphone in place and freeing up desktop space. LUMI’s headphone stands are designed with a silicone pad on the top which prevents the headset from slipping down, and the no-slip silicone pad under the base keeps the stand stable.

At last, the goal of this post is to give anyone who is reading some inspiration for building a more professional gaming station, and providing a more comfortable and excellent gaming experience. If you have any question or ideas, please feel free to contact us, and we are always happy to hear from you.