An Amazing Market Opportunity

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What you nearly miss 

It is well known that a tremendous work-from-home (WFH) phenomenon is going on in the world during this pandemic, and many end-users have found it is quite challenging to bent behind laptops over 8 hours (Weule 2020). If you are already familiar with the industry, you should understand the turnover of digital devices and ergonomic furniture soared for both online and offline resellers. According to a recent industry report, global shipment of digital devices grew 26.1% in last quarter 2020 and 13.1% the whole year. It is a strong indication that related products such as ergonomic workstation, monitor and laptop risers will also have great market opportunities. Secondly, it is a well-known fact that those remote workers are suffering from neck, back, wrist and elbow pain, resulting in an opportunity to address these issues with products designed for this market.

PC shipment marketshare growth

Another main reason is that LUMIvida educates our customers about this opportunity that will become a permanent choice for consumers. Firstly, the industry does not require an already established market presence in order to sell these products. Secondly, because of affordable pricing and massive market potential, this line of products can result in good profits and excellent turnover.

What you can order as a smart buyer

Ergonomic science has shown that accessories offering a wide range of adjustment result in work habits being permanently corrected over time. With the proper position and comfort due to these adjustments, aches and pains are prevented. All laptop rises under LUMIvida offer various height level adjustments. Although there are many choices in the market, some of the most popular are made of lightweight aluminum and offer features such as multiple height adjustments, silicone bases and foldable for use anywhere. Our experience has verified that the most affordable products brought our buyers most evident sales, so take a look at one of our best sellers, the LPS01-KP01, a steel laptop stand that offers 5 adjustable positions and folds for easy storage. For even more versatility and function, another great choice for users is the AR-12, aluminum and lightweight, with great portability and 6 height settings. For ultimate compatibility, all of our risers accommodate the most popular laptop sizes, reducing the possibility the riser may not fit the customer’s laptop. More than just laptops, the risers can hold books, newspapers, tablets and even smartphones. Multiple angle and height adjustments make it comfortable for writing, reading or computing for any users (adults and children). The riser category continues to grow at a fast rate and we believe it will continue to grow in the future.

function display of AR-12

Check out LUMIvida’s STB Monitor Riser Series for even more selection and functionality that Qi Compatible wireless charging, USB ports, height adjustability and storage drawers. Although some consumers may choose laptop risers over monitor stands, both product areas offer their own market and growth potential.
 What we offer as strategic supplier 

Today, supply chain issues have become the highest concern of importers (read that slow and expensive boat from China). If you are a customer of LUMI, we can work with you to maximize container space with additional products to save you money- including products from LUMI home, ergo, pro, and vida line.
Like a cup of tea, customers have distinct tastes, and with our basic advanced riser products, we offer new or existing resellers many choices. No matter whether you are fresh or pro in the industry, LUMI is happy to help you to succeed in the go!
Remember, work with LUMI, we save you money.