All For One and One For All

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You can’t deny the power of the internet! With all of the entertainment, information and communication it provides - from Videos, Social Media or Self Produced Content (aka Self Media). Truth is, no matter if a phone, PC, tablet or laptop is used to create content, it takes up a great deal of time and work space to create quality videos. With thousands of new YouTube channels being created every day, only the best become popular. As a result, these creators are eager to find and use the BEST equipment to produce the very best visual and audio content.



Current set-up for creating indoor content


Most videos created indoors include the following type of videos: Reaction, Vlogging, Unpacking, Gaming, Live Chat and more. Most are shot while sitting and in front of the equipment being used.

What do professional set-ups include? A microphone, camera and light? It’s a simple answer.


However, there needed to be holders and mounts for everything. Initially, tripod stands what used during production to hold a camera or smart phone causing a huge increase in sales. Later, other types of tripod stands were introduced along with videography accessories. Take microphones as an example, where in the beginnings of self-media a lavalier or lapel mic would be pinned to clothing before better quality shotgun and condenser mics became more affordable and popular.

Urgent demand for strategic solutions


If you’re still with me, we infer the growth of these accessories has come naturally and without any strategic thinking. However, a strategic product solution takes into account the combination of all devices used when creating content and the problem of having holders everywhere, ambient noise and everything else jumbled in front of the camera. A strategic solution would place everything in a single space, allowing the creator to remain seated within arm's reach to access all the devices used to create great content.


It’s Showtime! 

Time to introduce the star, MDS10 Series All-In-One Studio Setup Desktop Mounts.


Developed specifically for creators, a tree of arms attached to a single pole mount that can securely hold and position lighting, camera, phones, tablets and two monitors. Two mounting options for use with most any microphone. Built-in cable management throughout for a clean and organized production area.



Two platform mounts are included with easy to reach positioning handles.  Monitors can be adjusted quickly and quietly with ample tilt & swivel movement.


Extremely affordable, radically innovative and truly a strategic solution for anyone self-producing content on social media platforms.


With a permanent choice, the users getclutter-free organized workspace and you will get business and profits. What a deal.





In addition to the MDS10-1 Studio “Tree”, consider adding Monitor Arms or Sit-Stand desks to your product line for YouTubers that are prone to sit for hours on end editing their videos.