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Cable management organizes and de-clutters workspace by hiding, storing and managing wire, cable and power strips - while eliminating tripping hazards - making it easier to clean under and around desk areas. LUMI offers a wide range of cable management solutions that meet the various needs of users. Let LUMI Cable Management Solutions take your business to the next level of sales and profitability by selling these popular office market accessories.


Cable Management Provided by LUMI

Cable Sleeves

Great for home or office, the cable sleeve is an economical and simple solution to manage and protect wiring and cables - eliminating accidents caused by loose cords while protecting cable from harm.

Made of flexible Neoprene material, the CC15-1 Cable Management is an affordable and convenient solution for managing cluttered cables. Cable exits allow access to wiring at any position.

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With a strong hook and loop fastener, the CC15-3 Cable Sleeve protects cables while providing access if required. DIY breakout holes can create exits for various cable sizes and locations.

Meet CC15-3

Crafted with premium-grade polyester, this braided cable sleeve safely secures and organizes TV, video game and desktop computer wiring - reducing mess and clutter.

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This flexible cable sleeve secures wiring and reduces tangled cords behind desks. Each wire sleeve is meticulously sewn and reinforced with a strong hook-and loop fastener for a lifetime of use.

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Made of premium quality Polyester, the cable sock is suitable for bundling wiring found in a home or office. With a zipper closure, users quickly wrap the sleeve around cables and zip them up into a single bundle.

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HC Coiled Tube Cable Sleeve Series is an affordable solution for protecting wiring and cables - eliminating the chance of accidents from loose cords while protecting wiring from possible damage.

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Cable Covers

Affordable, functional, and attractive answers for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial, and residential surroundings. Available in both Floor or Wall Cable Covers to meet the demands of different environments.

CC13 Aluminum Floor Cable Cover Series protects cable from foot traffic. A flexible cover design provides a variety of ways to easily insert or remove wires. Rugged end caps protect the entry and exit for cable runs.

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The CC09 Cable Covers are the perfect choice to conceal cables in any area where appearance matters. With a patented hinged and click-lock lid that makes them extremely easy to install for a great customer experience.

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Conceal and route even the most complex cable arrangements with LUMI's CC05 Wall Cable Cover Series. Simply attach to the wall for a seamless appearance.

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Cable Cover Kit is the perfect cord organizer for wall-mounted flat screen TVs. Containing everything to conceal and organize those messy cables. Route cables along the rail and slide on the cover for a perfect look.

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Cable Management Spines

Featuring a multi-channel system and the ability to separate and organize cables where needed. The vertebra-like design allows it to extend or contract without kinking or harming wires, making them perfect for height adjustable sit-stand desks or stationary desk cable management needs.

Maintain a neat and clean appearance by hiding computer cables inside the CC10-1 Four-Channel Cable Management Spine. The vertebra-like design allows the spine to extend or contract with a sit-stand adjustable height desk.

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CC10-2 Two-Channel Cable Management extends cables from the work surface to the floor while providing an attractive and practical way to keep wiring neat and organized.

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Cable Trays

Cable Trays are designed for quick, easy installation below a sit-stand desktop or conventional table tops. The open structure allows for easy access while dissipating heat generated by power strips or equipment.

CC11-4 Under-Desk Cable Tray metal construction provides ample storage space for heavy extension cables, power sockets, and surge protectors. Installation is a breeze, providing access to wiring and equipment in the backside of sit-stand and conventional table tops.

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CC11-1 Under-Desk Cable Tray can be easily attached to the sit-stand desktop or other table tops. Perfect for stand desktop movement while hiding and protecting cabling from possible damage.

Meet CC11-1

Maintains a neat and clean appearance underneath back-to-back standing desks. This attractive cable tray is width adjustable, making the construction suitable for various sized desktops.

Meet CC11-3

With 2 strong magnetic strips and no assembly required the CC11-5 Magnetic Cable Management Channel is the quickest and easiest way to route cables along the frame of steel leg desks and frames, providing a clean and organized look.

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Cable Boxes

A perfect storage solution for home & office to keep areas tidy and neat. Ample space for hiding messy cables or power strips, protecting them from liquid spills and dust.

0303PLM Cable Management Box Series provide ample space for organizing any area by hiding messy tangled cables found below TVs or computer desks. Best of all, there's enough room to hold both wide and long surge protectors.

Desk Panel with Cable Management

Reduce cable clutter while protecting personal privacy, it creates a neat and more efficient office environment.

In the modern era, a neat working surface is necessary for working days. CC12 Series is always an ideal solution when looking for a panel that can keep the dangling wires organized and protect personal privacy properly in the office.