Ergonomic Height Adjustable Kids Desks and Chairs - LUMI

Visionary and Thoughtful

Studies show that children are spending 80% - 90% of their days inactive. Teaching young people healthy work habits is at the heart of our products - habits that they can carry into adulthood. An ergonomic desk and chair set plays an important role in raising their efficiency and productivity.

Ergonomic Design

We have designers and developers who are parents, too. They pass on their ideas to support a healthy development. With adjustable desktop height and angle as well as seat height and depth, your child will always be in the perfect position.

Front Up

tilt adjustment over the entire width of the desk

Right Up

perfect for left-handers

Left Up

perfect for right-handers

Highly Individualized

Every child is different - in body and mind. Rather than have a child adapt their body and workstyle to their furniture, we believe the furniture should conform and work with the user. Our products help promote healthy habits while adapting to a child's growing body through advanced design and customized settings.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We care about a child's development as well as the environment around them. Carefully selected eco-friendly materials are at the core of our design and manufacturing processes. All our products are safety tested for reliability and peace of mind.


Fresh Series

Manual Adjustable Children Desks

A good desk is designed to work with a child’s growing body to help them build healthier learning habits during their childhood. The Fresh Series does exactly that while not compromising quality or sacrificing functions.


Elfin Series

Adjustable Kids Desk & Full-Backrest Chair Set

More than a place to write and read. The Elfin Series includes a roll of art paper attached under the tabletop, keeping it within easy reach while offering a clean work surface when not in use.



Adjustable Kids Desk and Full-Backrest Chair Set

As one of Elfin Series, the B204 has a pulled compartment drawer, which helps organize books and stationery and reduce clutter. Tiltable desktop provides a better angle for writing, reading, and drawing.


Versatile Series

Height Adjustable Children Desks

The Versatile Series is designed with the user in mind. Height Adjustable Study Desks stand out in the market by providing features that instill healthy habits and comfort during their formative years. The desk offers all the needed features to make a growing child’s room the best place to learn and create!