Scissors Lift Keyboard Riser

Adjustable Height, Inexpensive Price, Improved Standing Habit

Our height adjustable keyboard platform raises the keyboard to an optimal height for standing at any desk. This provides those users with the health benefits of an active work style without having to invest in a sit-stand desk or desktop converter. LUMI developed the KBT-06 to be paired with a monitor arm or monitor riser, allowing any existing desk to quickly have sit to stand ability and therefore making your work posture more variable and healthier. And the keyboard platform is big enough to hold a 15.4-inch laptop if you like. With the KBT-06 we provide an economical short-cut to gaining the benefits of ergonomic design by offering an economical height adjustable solution.

  • 8 Height Settings: for optimal viewing height
  • Wrist Support: reduces the wrist fatigue of long-time working and enhances the typing comfort
  • Security Lock: keep the keyboard riser locked at the lowest level preventing accidental movement
  • Quality MDF Board: features high impact resistance
  • Large Solid Base: ensures it stay sturdy and stable at any height
Product Category: Keyboard Riser
Rank: Standard
Material: Plastic,Steel,MDF
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Color: Matte White, Matte Black
Dimensions: 680x290x352mm (26.8"x11.4"x13.9")
Keyboard Tray Size: 680x260mm (26.8"x10.2")
Weight Capacity: 5kg (11lbs)
Height Range: 55~352mm (2.2"~13.9")
Accessory Kit Package: No
Power Plug Included: No
Instruction Manual Included: No
Magnetic: No
Lithium Battery: No

KBT-06-Scissors Lift Keyboard Riser


KBT-06 Scissors Lift Keyboard Riser Features Video