Outdoor TV Mounts 101: A 2023 guide to weatherproof TV mounting solutions

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There’s a rapidly growing trend in TVs being used in outdoor and semi-enclosed environments. Some for home use, others for commercial applications such as outdoor seating areas for food and drink establishments. Obviously, as social distancing has become the norm, outdoor space is increasingly being looked at as a way to continue social gatherings - and with these gatherings comes the need for Audio and Video. This article explores the basics of why and how to mount a TV for outdoor activities. We'll also go through mounting ideas for putting an indoor TV outside. I believe as an affordable solution, a weatherproof outdoor tv cabinet will be a good choice for your TV.
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Challenges for Outdoor TV Mounting

Outdoor areas present problems even for the installation of TVs rated for outdoor use. Unlike being indoors, Mother Nature will put a TV mount to the test by exposing it to sunlight, humidity, rain, snow and wind. A mount that hasn’t been designed for outdoor use can malfunction, and at worst become a safety hazard caused by hardware failure. Not to mention, with conventional indoor TV mounts rust can occur over time as the mount’s hardware and surface areas are subjected to heat, water and humidity, leaving behind unsightly traces of rust on the TV, wall and flooring.

Solutions to Solve Outdoor Installation Problems

In order to solve the problems mentioned above, outdoor-rated TV mounts were designed and developed to address the effects of long-term exposure to UV, rain, humidity, wind, snow and other outdoor elements that are common to outdoor areas. Next, we’ll delve into more specifically how outdoor TV mounts handle those challenges faced when placed in an outdoor environment.
Layers of Protection for Weatherproof TV Mounts

1. Layers of Protection

Steel used in the mount is covered by galvanized plating, outdoor paint primer, and outdoor-rated paint to form layers of protection. Galvanized steel, known for its corrosion-resistant characteristics, is used heavily throughout the manufacturing of outdoor TV. The finishing process is more complex than a standard TV mount. Outdoor TV mounts go through a process of being first coated using a specially formulated outdoor paint primer followed by a thicker layer of paint that delivers longer life and better resistance to the outdoor elements. Surface coatings go through strict adhesion, resistance, corrosion, and salt spray tests to ensure performance and longevity.

2. Special Hardware and Plastics

Hardware and accessories are also an important part of the outdoor TV mount. Hardware used for conventional indoor mounts will rust over time, creating stains on TVs, walls and flooring – ultimately resulting in a hardware failure, becoming a safety that poses a serious risk to the TV and people around the installation area. To eliminate these risks, stainless steel hardware is used throughout an outdoor TV mount. Plastic used in outdoor TV mounts must also be weather-resistant. Conventional plastic fails as well, due to its inability to resist sun UV and extreme temperature changes, causing the plastic to fade, become brittle, crack and ultimately fail in a short period of time.

3. Minimize Connection Points

The wind is especially hard to handle compared with other outdoor elements. So it takes careful planning and design to reduce connection points or adapt protective covers on connection points. Plus, coating the outdoor paint primer and paint over the welds to minimize or eliminate weld points can also improve the outdoor performance of the mount.

How to Choose a Suitable Outdoor TV Mount

Now that we’ve talked about why a special outdoor TV mount is needed, it’s time to choose the perfect mount for specific needs. We will go through some important features that should be considered before purchasing the mount.

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is the first issue when it comes to television accessories. Check the weight capacity, VESA pattern, and fit screen size before making the decision. Also, be aware that some mounts support curved screens while others do not.

2. Durability

It is important to know how much damage a mounting system can actually sustain from the elements. In order to satisfy the requirements of most outdoor TV users, outdoor TV mounts should go through a complicated production process, including an additional electroplating process covered with a high-grade outdoor powder coating finish. Also, all the screws are made of stainless steel, therefore this TV mount should pass a 90-hour salt spray test- ensuring that it can withstand all kinds of harsh weather!

3. Screen Angle Adjustment

When a screen is placed outdoors, we should take light changes into consideration for a better viewing experience. The angle of the screen needs to be frequently adjusted to avoid glares during different periods of the day. A tilt weatherproof TV mount satisfies the basic needs of angle adjustment for semi-enclosed environments like patios. As for fully exposed areas, a full-motionoutdoor TV mounting solution can provide more precise adjustment.

4. Anti-Theft Design

If the TV is placed in a public place, one big problem is how to ensure the safety of this valuable asset. After all, no one would like to see the device stolen before it is worn out due to exposure to the natural environment. Therefore, an anti-theft design is necessary to protect the device from unwanted removal. Some brackets with locking holes enable the user to secure the TV with the mounting base with a padlock.

Mounting an Indoor TV in the Outdoor Space

A professional outdoor TV is much more expensive than a normal TV for home use. Is it possible to use it for a covered patio? The answer is YES. There are four solutions for keeping an indoor TV mounted outdoors:

1. Mobile TV Stands

An on-floor TV stand with casters enables flexible use of the device – ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. Roll it out to enjoy the sunshine and move it back to the room to avoid damages caused by bad weather.

2. Swing TV Mounts

If it is only for temporary use, a TV wall mount with a wide swivel range is also a feasible choice. The extended arm and swing design allow an indoor TV to be mounted inside the room while providing up to 170° movement, making it possible to watch the TV in the garden.

3. Outdoor TV Enclosure

As an affordable solution to permanently mount a TV outdoors, an outdoor mount with a protective TV cover (such as outdoor tv wall mount cabinet) offers effective rain/wind/UV/vandal resistance, preventing the TV from any damage. LUMI's weatherproof outdoor tv enclosure is the perfect choice to fight against storms during the most terrible weather. The full-motion design allows easy angle adjustment for perfect viewing no matter how the lighting changes. Moreover, this weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet is also anti-theft. There are 2 holes for padlocks to prevent the TV from theft. Although the outdoor tv cabinet enclosure could be much heavier than other outdoor TV mounting solutions, it provides the most effective protection from both weather and theft.

4. Outdoor TV Cover

A weather-proof outdoor TV cover is probably the most cost-effective solution to provide year-round protection. Constructed from durable oxford fabric, it is designed for long time use and can provide 360-degree protection from scratch, dust, water, rain, wind, snow mold or mildew. Best of all, most outdoor TV protector covers have built-in remote control pockets, which allow the user to keep remote controls in convenient and safe storage.  

weatherproof outdoor tv enclosure

How to Mount the Outdoor TV Mount

The installation of an outdoor TV mount is quite similar to regular mounts. Before you start the installation, here are a few things you should take into consideration:

1. Choose the right location:

Select a suitable location for your outdoor TV. Ensure it's protected from direct sunlight, rain, and other harsh weather conditions.

2. Select the right outdoor TV:

Make sure you have your outdoor tv mount is compatible with the TV.

3. Gather your tools and materials:

Outdoor TV mount kit
Electric drill and drill bits
Wrench or socket set
Spirit level
Stud finder
Tape measure
Safety goggles and gloves
A helper (optional but recommended for larger TVs)

Now, you're ready for the job. The installation of an outdoor TV mount is quite similar to regular mounts.

1. Locate Wall Studs:

Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs where you intend to mount the TV. Mark the center of each stud with a pencil.

2. Position the Mount:

Hold the TV mount against the wall at the desired height, ensuring it's level. Mark the locations of the screw holes on the wall using the pre-drilled holes in the mount as a guide.

3. Drill Pilot Holes:

Drill pilot holes into the wall at the marked locations. Make sure the drill bit size matches the size of the wall anchors provided with your mount kit.

4. Insert Wall Anchors:

If your mount kit includes wall anchors, insert them into the pilot holes.

5. Secure the Mount:

Align the TV mount with the wall anchors or pilot holes. Use appropriate screws or bolts (provided with the mount kit) to secure the mount to the wall. Ensure the mount is level as you tighten the screws or bolts.

6. Attach the Bracket to the TV:

Follow the manual to attach the mounting bracket to the back of your outdoor TV.

7. Mount the TV:

Carefully lift and hook the TV onto the mount on the wall. Double-check that the TV is level.

8. Secure the TV:

Once the TV is in place, use the provided locking mechanism or screws to secure it to the mount. This will prevent the TV from accidentally falling.

9. Cable Management:

Route and secure any cables or wires coming from the TV. Outdoor-rated cable covers or conduit can help protect and hide cables.

10. Adjustment:

If your TV mount allows for tilt or swivel adjustments, make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired viewing angle.

11. Enjoy Your Outdoor TV:

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor TV setup!

In the guide of “How to mount a TV on the wall”, we’ve made step-to-step tutorials for installing a mount to different walls in different scenes:

  • how to install on wood, drywall, or sheetrock walls
  • how to install on brick, cement, stucco, concrete block, and stone walls
  • how to install on a wall without studs
  • how to mount a TV on a brick fireplace

RV TV Mount - A New Outdoor TV Mount Idea


For traveler or RV enthusiast who loves hitting the open road, a RV TV mount is a must-have piece for long jopurney and camping. It allows you to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events with ease, right from the comfort of your home on wheels. It is different from an regular indoor TV mount in several aspects:

  1. 1. Space Optimization

    In the limited confines of an RV, space is precious. An RV TV mount allows you to maximize your living area by conveniently mounting your TV on a wall, ceiling, or any suitable surface, freeing up valuable counter or floor space.

    2. Stability on the Road

    RVs can encounter bumpy roads and rough terrain. A well-installed TV mount ensures your television remains stable during your travels, preventing it from falling and potentially getting damaged.

    3. Customized Viewing Experience

    RV TV mounts are often designed with features like swivel, tilt, and extendability, enabling you to achieve the perfect viewing angle from various seating positions within your RV.

    4. Safety and Convenience

    When properly installed, an RV TV mount ensures your TV is securely anchored, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries while moving or stopping suddenly.


To sum it all up, TVs used in outdoor or semi-enclosed spaces will face all kinds of outdoor elements requiring outdoor-rated mounts to ensure installations are safe and will last over time. Professional weatherproofed TV mounts can provide trusted support for televisions used outdoors. If the TV is not outdoor rated, alternative mounting solutions are recomended: weatherproof outdoor TV enclosures, mobile TV stands, swing TV mounts, weatherproof TV covers.

As a professional manufacturer of mounting solutions, LUMI offers sturdy outdoor-rated TV mounts that are widely compatible with outdoor surfaces. Contact LUMI anytime at info@lumi.cn for any help or further information.