Studio TV Floor Stand Collection



Redefine Space with Studio Stand

In the traditional sense, the home is the hub of everyday life, with activities ranging from eating and entertainment to rest and work. As recent events have prompted, a further emphasis on transitioning from conventional work environments to work at home is taking place. This escalation in remote working has required an adjustment in "design thought" - inspiration for LUMI's experienced R&D Team to create new products that incorporate style, comfort and increased functionality using an innovative combination of materials.


Industrial Design of FS12 TV Stands

The FS12 Studio TV Stands and accessories represent a movement to simplicity and elegance that differentiates the product from conventional TV stands. Using a combination of metals, hardwood and fabrics these new designs have been well received in the market and recognized by the creative industry by winning several coveted design awards.

Design award for FS12 TV Stands


Tripod Stylish Easel Studio TV Floor Stands

The Stands feature simplicity and elegance, perfect for modern home interiors or public viewing areas. The TV stands provide viewing height adjustment and ample pivoting to achieve the perfect view. An innovative cable management system is also incorporated that cleverly conceals wiring, resulting in a clean and unobtrusive appearance.

Color Choice of FS30 Series


Features of FS37 Corner TV Stands

The trend these days is to make the most of what you have, and the Corner TV Stands with Open Storage do just that by turning empty corner living space into an entertainment viewing area. Perfect for condos, apartments and minimalists. A large upper surface area provides a place for often-used items or décor and a lower open storage area for convenient access to equipment, books, devices and more.

Industrial Design of FS37 TV Stands


FS35 Solid Wood TV Floor Stand

The FS35 Solid Wood TV Floor Stand adds a welcoming and cozy feeling to any room. Clean lines and a hint of rustic styling deliver an authentic, hand-forged look. As with all-natural materials, this solid wood stand creates a classic and poetic ambiance.

Industrial Design of FS35 TV Stands


Features of FS31 Ladder Style Studio TV Stands

Designed with an elegant appearance and the ability to wall mount for a reduced profile to the wall. A simple TV mounting solution that adds functionality and aesthetics to any home or office environment while adding stability and safety.

Industrial Design of FS31 TV Stand


Multiple Usage of FS29 TV Stands

The FS29-46F-03 Scandinavian Easel Studio TV Floor Stand breaks the boring rule of traditional TV stands by transforming the mundane into a multi-function product. The integrated premium Soundbar is located in the listening "sweet spot" below the TV, providing the ultimate viewing and audio experience for Movies, TV Shows, Gaming and more!

Premium Soundbar of FS29 TV Stands


Linear Design of FS34 TV Stands

Taking a sophisticated approach, our product designers have carefully examined every detail.

TV Stands are no longer limited to an unremarkable accessary made of metal. The coldness of aluminium is instilled with the warmth brought by solid wood. This well-balanced combination adds a touch of industrial style to the living space while making the TV set as a piece of art.

Industrial Design of FS34 TV Stands


Outdoor use of FS33 TV Cart

Boasting a heavy-duty design and solid base for the highest degree of stability. Ideal for stationary or mobile indoor or outdoor entertainment use - includes an oversized cabinet that provides ample space for easy access to equipment.

Two Color Optional