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Fiberglass Bucket Seat, Cotton Fabric Cover

With its assertive stance and sculpted lines, it balances beauty and strength to offer greater driving enjoyment for the serious sim racer.

Meet LRS02 Series

Reclining Seat, PVC Leather Cover

Glides forward & back using the seat handle and reclines to offer the key element of the ideal driving position over long gaming hours.

Meet LRS03 Series

Play Like a Pro

ultimate sim racing experience

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Detachable, Two Applications

Split the foldable wheel stand from the base chasis for easy storage and convert to a carry-on gaming setup when needed.

Meet LRS06 Series

Racing Simulator Cockpit

Engineered with high-strength steel tubing, it will survive many years of heavy use - all about quality,
stability and durability. It can be used in any situation while providing a smooth driving experience.

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LRS01 Series

Standard Base Chasis + Monitor Floor Stand

LRS02 Series

Raised Base Chasis + Attached Monitor Mount

LRS07 Series

Standard Base Chasis + Attached Monitor Mount

LRS06 Series

Raised Base Chasis + Detachable Wheel Stand

Racing Steering Wheel Stand

Find the gaming solution when faced with limited space. Popular choice responds to those who want to mount their wheel and pedals in an ergonomic racing position while driving with office chair to dining table chair and even a sofa!

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LRS04 Series

Twin-Spar Construction Stepless Pedal-Mounting Distant Setting

LRS05 Series

Mono-Spar Construction 5-Level Pedal-Mounting Distant Setting

Foldable, Portable, Affordable

After enjoying the game, you can easily fold the stand with your equipment attached and store wherever suits. Perfect for dorm life, small homes or tiny apartments.

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Build Your Gaming Battlestation

equip yourself with the best gaming gear around

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Brushed Aluminum Frame,
Side Armor Lighting

With modern, elegant and
decent appearance, it
blends seamlessly into
any gaming station.

Meet GMD01-1

Futuristic Flair, Enhanced T-Shape Leg

Ultra-stable and sturdy design stands up to any serious
gamer's demands - enjoying maximum comfort.

Meet GMD03 Series

Textured Surface, Cutting-Edge Aesthetic

Upgraded big brother to our best selling gaming desk, perfect choice for players that like uber functionality.

Meet GMD02 Series

Freestanding, Tool-less Height Transition, Convenient Storage

Designed with a clean work area in mind, this stand lifts the monitor off the desk and features a hook for the headphone - creating an ergonomic setup that keeps things organized.

Meet LDT32 Series

Spring-Assisted, Cool Lighting

Easy single-handed monitor movement with a confident hold. RGB LED backlit base creates dynamic light show.

Meet LDT39 Series

Level Up from The Gaming Chair

provide support through casual to extreme gaming sessions

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TV LED Backlight Kit

Meet TBL-02

Suspension Boom Arm Microphone Stand

Meet MDS06-1

Desk Organizer

Meet DA06 Series

Gaming Mouse Pad with RGB Light

Meet MP06 Series