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  • Rectangle
  • Back-to-Back
  • L-Shape (2/3 legs)
  • Corner Shape

Multi-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

Thanks to separate soft start/stop motors (one in each leg), the strong lifting power delivers best-in-class weight capacity up to 125kg/275lbs and ensures a very high stability level. Laboratory tested to 20,000 cycles with a loaded weight of 100kg/220 lbs for a lifetime of smooth and quiet height adjustments. The experience brought about by these sit-stand desks with cutting-edge technology and engineering ingenuity is unparalleled in heavy-duty architecture and precision tolerance.

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High-Speed Motors
  • M07-H Series

    Square Column + Dual-Rail Crossbar + 7-Key Button Keypad

  • M06-H Series

    Rectangular Column + Dual-Rail Crossbar + Touchscreen Keypad

Standard Motors
  • M08E Series

    Rectangular Column + Dual-Rail Crossbar + 7-Key Button Keypad

  • M07 Series

    Square Column + Dual-Rail Crossbar + 7-Key Button Keypad

  • M06 Series

    Rectangular Column + Dual-Rail Crossbar + Touchscreen Keypad

Holeless Leg Column

After years of fine-tuning the design, LUMI's eye-pleasing lifting columns are sealed to prevent grease leaks - no holes, no grease. Built-in spacers adapts to the varying gaps between each stage of the columns minimizes side-to-side wobble for smooth height adjustment.

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Upgraded Control Box

The control box is the CPU of the lifting system that acts as the "brain" of the desk. Single-board design integrates precision electronics with increased use of automatic SMT for outstanding system performance and small footprint. Heat-resistant adhesives encourage durability for long-term use.

Assembly in Minutes

Revolutionary mounting points on the frame give users a "leg up" by providing one of the quickest sit-stand desk assemblies in the market today. Best of all, if the desk needs to be moved or taken down, the legs can be easily removed from the desktop while leaving the frame.

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Robust Dual-Rail Crossbar

The welded tubular frame is expertly crafted from high-strength steel tubing to meet the highest expectations on increased stability and reliability. Enhanced dual-rail crossbar provide unmatched lateral support to keep the desk rock solid at all heights. True "contract grade" furniture meets ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 standard for durability.

Gyro-Current Collision Avoidance System

The desk will automatically reverse if it encounters an obstacle, which ensures safety for children or
pets that come into the work space. Improved sensing based on G-force gyroscope technology
for better detection of soft and hard objects in the movement path.

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Left or Right - Made Easy!

People seek choice and versatility these days, and these L-shaped sit-stand desks are just that.
Engineered to provide a single solution for building a left or right hand return sit-stand desk.

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Overload Protection

Automatic shut-down if desktop weight has reached maximum capacity. Prevents damage and ensures longevity.

Digital Controllers

The desk zooms to different positions with just the push of a button on its intuitive control panel - making each sitting-standing transition quick and easy. LED readout shows exact height and automatically goes dark to reduce power draw while the desk is stationary. Three programmable memory presets and time reminder function naturally help the user achieve a healthy variation in postures throughout the day.

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Manual Sit-Stand Desks

Manually-operated desks change height without motors, electronics, or power cords - popular choice responds to office or work area with no power source. Keep you moving without any bills attached.

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Stylish, Exquisite, Smart-Looking

LUMI is dedicated to aesthetics, these distinctive sit-stand desks combine the beauty of finest wood with slat aluminum leg column - lending offices a warm yet dignified charm. It beautifully accentuates most types of interior design styles.

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Manual Lifting + One-Tier

Enviro-friendly Desktops

The desktop is the most visible part of a desk adding warmth and beauty to any space. LUMI maintains a high-level standard in the industry and all desktops are made and finished with eco- and air-safe materials that are tested for reliability and peace of mind. Colors, shape and dimensions are build-to-order - satisfying your taste and budget.

Explore Options
  • Bamboo

  • Natural Wood

  • Rustic Brown

  • Light Rustic

  • Carbon Fiber

  • White

  • Walnut

  • Paulownia

  • Black

  • Rectangular

  • L-Shape

  • Corner Shape

Powder-Coated Pedicure

Feet don't normally look this good, but ours do. LUMI's thicker powder-coating application provides increased durability against scratches, moisture and stains. Choose between 3 different colors- what color are you?

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White

Lighter Features, Lighter Price

Everything (both desktop and frame) in a compact single box is lightweight to support selling comfort and reduce shipping or warehousing cost. This manual sit-stand desk is affordably priced allowing you to save money while gaining the same health and productivity from more expensive one.

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  • Focused
  • Collaborative
  • Workaholic
  • Techie
  • Audiophile-Musician


For those that need to concentrate 100%
on their job without distractions.

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