Workstation Buyer's Guide - LUMI

Know your workstation choices before you buy

Provide your customers with improved productivity by offering a selection of LUMI workstations.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Stationary or mobile
  • More work space




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  • User-friendly assembly
  • Portable
  • Affordable



Post and Base

Floating Style

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  • Space-saving
  • Available with keyboard tray and CPU mount

Gas Spring Full Motion


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Mobile & Stationary On-Floor Workstations

Mobile vs Stationary


PPU Casters

For mobile use without scratches

PU Hooded Casters

Quiet operation & smooth rolling

Four Locking Casters

Four locking casters for mobility and extra stability on 10-degree slope (tested for commercial use)

Two Locking Casters

Two locking casters for fixed or transportable use

Leveling Feet

Stability for any flooring (even on uneven floor)

Non-Slip Feet

Providing stability and durability

Heigh Adjustment

star_rate OK     star_rate star_rate GOOD     star_rate star_rate star_rate EXTRAORDINARY

Crank Gas-Spring Electric
How to Adjust
Foldable Handle Squeeze Lever Foot Pedal Control Panel
Folds and stows when not in use Provides quick and smooth adjustment For hands-free operation Provides height adjustments with the touch of a button
Speed star_rate star_ratestar_ratestar_rate star_ratestar_rate
Precise Position star_rate star_rate star_ratestar_ratestar_rate
Quiet Performance star_rate star_ratestar_ratestar_rate star_ratestar_rate
Reliability star_ratestar_ratestar_rate star_ratestar_ratestar_rate star_ratestar_rate
Affordability star_ratestar_ratestar_rate star_ratestar_rate star_rate
Timer Reminder / / star_ratestar_ratestar_rate
Memory Setting / / star_ratestar_ratestar_rate

Desktop Styles

Single Tier

Easy to store when not in use and convenient for moving around

Multiple Tiers

Providing ample room for monitor, keyboard, printer, CPU, and other accessories

Base Frame Styles

Parallel Base Frame

Provides increased stability and reduced movement during us

Unparalleled Base Frame

For excellent stability and reduced material used in construction

Additional Features of On-Floor Workstation

Tiltable Desktop
with Edge Stopper

Three levels of tilt that provides the ultimate work angles for a variety of uses

Overbed Table
with One Column Leg

Sturdy C-shape construction allows the table to be used beside a table, couch, chair and more

Handles on the Column

for easy movement of the workstation

CPU Holder with Safety Belt

creates more room for the work space

On-Floor Workstation Recommendation


Gas Spring Side Table


Height Adjustable Mobile Workstation with Foot Pedal and Tiltable Desktop


Manual Height Adjustable Workstation with Casters


Dual Monitor Height Adjustable Computer Mobile Workstatio

Table-Top Workstations



Space-saving with extra stability


Offers maximum comfort while adapting to a variety of uses

Post and Base

Combines a height adjustable work surface and a monitor mount in a space saving design

Floating Style

Mounts easily with grommet or clamp freeing up valuable desk space

Worksurface Types

Corner-notched Surface

Standard Surface

Compact Surface

Height Adjustment

Stepless Height Adjustment

Provides smooth height adjustments for most users (For gas spring and electric models)

Multi-Level Fixed Adjustments

Quick air-lift height adjustments with firm locking position (For gas springmodels)

Powerful and Robust Lifting

Provided by electric motor or gas spring

Simultaneous Adjustment

For moving desktop and monitor arm at the same time

Additional Features of Table-Top Workstation

Ready-to-Use Out of the Box

Comes fully assembled and ready for use

Ultra-Slim Profile

Saves space when not in use, perfect for compact work areas

Radiused Edge

For safe and comfortable using experience

Anti-Slip Pads

Increase using stability and protects the desk surface



Quality Compact Board

Offers increased protection against liquids and chemical damage (TSCA Title VI compliant)

Particle Board + Melamine

Features heavy-duty and moisture resistance with extra smoothness(TSCA Title VI compliant)

MDF Board + PVC

Features high impact resistance (TSCA Title VI compliant)


Features a strong yet lightweight design - Ideal for portable use


Features greater strength and durability - Ideal for heavy loads

Table-Top Workstation Recommendation

DWS28 Series

Gas Spring Sit-Stand Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray Deck (Compact MDF Board Surface)


Premium Ultra-Slim Sit-Stand Desk Converter


Premium Ultra-Slim Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Learn More

Premium Ultra-Slim Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Wall-Mounted Workstations

All-in-one Solution

Full-Motion Gas Spring Wall-Mounted Workstation

Height-adjustable Manual Wall-Mounted Workstation

Wall-Mounted Workstation Recommendation


Single Screen Premium Gas Spring Computer Wall Mount with CPU Holder


Single Screen Classic Gas Spring Computer Wall Mount with CPU Holder

Other Features

Storage Areas
Cable Management
Preset Grommet Hole

Cup holder

For phones/tablets

For Allen Key

For pens

Integrated cable management

Cable clip

Cable slots

Supports grommet installation

Packaging and After-sales Service


High percent positive customer experience


Easy or even no assembly required

Reduced weight packaging for lower shipping costs and storage fees


Fully tested for the highest quality and durability


Environmentally focused design and manufacturing