New Arrivals - LUMI Latest Launched Products

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We create world-class products and experiences designed to grow companies. We help our clients navigate an ever-changing marketing landscape through bold ideas and aesthetic design.

S14 Series

BudgetBoost Single-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

TP-D Series & DA15-1

Table Top Sets & Drawer

M06E-AI Series

Smart Dual-Motor Sit-Stand Desks With APP Control

S10 & N10 Series

Round Columns Electric & Manual Sit-Stand Desks

M10E Series

Contemporary Dual-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

CC11-7 Series & CC11-8

Under-Desk Mesh Cable Management

M12 Series

Basic Dual-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

S13 Series

Cost-Effective Single-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

M06E Series

Practical Multi-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

S08-SW Series

Stunning Single Motor Sit-Stand Desks with Drawer

WKB Series & WBA Series

Heavy-Duty Workbenches & Accessories

CC11-9 Series

Clamp-On Under Desk Cable Trays

S08L Series

Sit-Stand Desks with Storage Shelves

S03E Series

Affordable Single-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

S08SE Series

Affordable Compact Electric Single-Motor Sit-Stand Desks

M06/M07-AI Series

Dual-Motor Sit-Stand Desks with APP Control