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How to work from home in efficiency and comfort?

Desks Come First: The Quickest Way to Get Active

Sit-Stand Desks

Sit-Stand Desks are designed to encourage an active and productive work style. An intuitive memory controller empowers the user to change their posutre with a single touch. Available in a selection of sizes, configurations, and table tops to fit user requirements and available work area.

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Mobile Workstations

Though slightly smaller than a standard sit-stand desk, Mobile Workstations are big on performance yet easy on the wallet. Rolling casters allow the workstations to be moved anywhere in the home and once in position, locked for stationary use. Ample space on the tabletop makes those workstations pefect for smaller living space.

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Desk Converters

The best thing about a Desk Converter is that there's no need to leave behind your original desk to become more active while working. In the lowest setting, the unit folds into a slim profile on the desktop that providing a natural typing and working position. Press and release the side lock and the advanced spring mechanism smoothly raises the desktop up, turning the tabletop into a standing desk.

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Monitor Arms/Stands: Elevate the Monitor for Better Viewing

For Office

Featuring modern-designed arms and outstanding flexibility, LUMI's office monitor arms/stands combine great looks and smooth movement resulting in a better work experience. Explore the most recommended monitor arms award IF and Red Dot Awards.

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For Pro Gamers

The Premium Gaming Monitor Arms/Stands raise the bar of gaming gear. An innovative industrial design combined with an instantly iconic look delivers enhanced functionality to the monitor arm. For a more exciting gaming atmosphere, we’ve added a variety of lighting effect options to the arms.

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Risers & Stands: A Little Adjustment Goes a Long Way

For Monitors

Positioning your monitor at the optimal eye level naturally improves the body posture. Plus, the space below a riser helps organize keyboard, mouse, books and more for reclaimed workspace.

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For Laptops/Phones

A laptop , tablet , phone or Apple Watch can replace a PC for most tasks especially while working from home. Simply adjust the angle to reduce strain and fatigue on eyes and neck. And the folding and light-duty design makes it easier to transport anywhere at home.

Seating is an EXPERIENCE

Office Chairs

Combining stylish design with ergonomic innovation, these chairs provide you with optimized sitting comfort. Not only are they comfortable Office Chairs, but promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Designed to address the negative health issues that occur during work or rest.

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Gaming Chairs

With Adjustable Gaming Chairs, gamers never lose due to aches and pains! These chairs provide wide height adjustment as well as reclining positions that gamers needs. Meanwhile, gaming chairs offer features that include lumbar, neck support, armrest adjustment plus optional cool RGB LED lighting effects.

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Wooble Stools

Believe it or not, human beings instinctively love to wobble. Leaning on a stool avoids the harm caused by both of prolonged sitting or standing, Additional wobbling design will bring more fun to users.

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Accessories: Bring Work to Life

Footrests/Standing Mats

Standing or sitting for long periods of time on hard sufaces can put undue stress on your body. Standing Mats are designed to encourage natural movement while standing and the Footrests raise your feet for a improved circulation.

Keyboard Trays/Risers

A simple solution that promotes a flat or slightly "negative tilt" position to avoid uncomfortable and potential damaging to the wrist.

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Cable Management

Tame those cables and wires around the workspace, keeping the area free from trips and wire pulls - allowing you to concentrate 100% on the work at hand.

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CPU Mounts

Places the CPU in a safe location, up and under the desk while providing improved cleanliness and protects valuable equipment from dust, cable pull or accidents.

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Organizer Kits

Aiming to maximize efficiency and productivity in the workspace, the Organizer Kits optimize space on the desk and under the desk with its instinctively useful design.

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Wall-Mounted Accessory Holders

Easy to be mounted on the wall, the Accessory Holder is a nest for small items. Free up your deskspace and fully utilize your spacious vertical space.

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